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Growing Old vs. Aging Gracefully – The Bitterest Pill

If you haven’t figured it out, the bitterest pill to swallow is the truth. The truth is often not what we want to hear so we hide behind convenient lies (just calling them what they are). The truth is, you have ultimate control over whether you age gracefully, experiencing and manifesting health and vitality, or… Continue reading Growing Old vs. Aging Gracefully – The Bitterest Pill

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Obesity, Fear Mongering & Health

Its 2016 and we’re starting to see statistics and studies abut the state of health in America. According to a Harvard University researcher, obesity is reversing decades of steady lengthening of the American lifespan. In the first nine months of 2015, more Americans of all ages died of obesity related diseases compared to the same… Continue reading Obesity, Fear Mongering & Health