Lifestyle Matters – Chickens & Nutrient Density

No matter what you do, you can’t achieve true health without optimal functioning cells. The cells that make up the tissue, glands, organs and complex systems which drive the metabolic pathways require nutrition along with other factors. Without the proper nutrition relative to your unique metabolic needs true health is not possible. This visual demonstrates… Continue reading Lifestyle Matters – Chickens & Nutrient Density

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Farming Methods Matter: Plants

Just as the Farming practices of animal products have an impact upon the nutritional density of those products, the same applies to the plant world. Many studies have been done over the years comparing nutrient density now relative to the past. Here are a few examples: A team of researchers from the University of Texas… Continue reading Farming Methods Matter: Plants

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Farming Methods Matter: Animals

  There has been an increasing push against the consumption of animal products. Studies arise stating that animal products cause cancer, contribute to cardiovascular disease, etc. We are told they are bad for the environment and inhumane. The general consensus, then is to stop eating meat if you really care about yourself and humanity or… Continue reading Farming Methods Matter: Animals