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Metabolic Chaos™

Your body consists of cells. These cells make up tissue, glands, organs and ultimately complex systems or metabolic pathways. For instance; Hormonal, Immune, Digestive, Detoxification, Nervous, Hypothalmus-Pituitary-Adrenal / Gonadal / Thyroid Axis, etc. These pathways, along with fluids, gases, chemistry and energy work together interacting with each other, people, places and things…....or life. Driving this… Continue reading Metabolic Chaos™

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The Stress Cascade

Are you challenged by health complaints that either won’t go away or are getting worse? Have you recently received a diagnosis and you’re trying to understand why? Have you been told that there is nothing wrong with you, yet you strongly disagree? Does any of this sounds familiar? I offer you something to consider……that a… Continue reading The Stress Cascade

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Growing Old vs. Aging Gracefully – The Bitterest Pill

If you haven’t figured it out, the bitterest pill to swallow is the truth. The truth is often not what we want to hear so we hide behind convenient lies (just calling them what they are). The truth is, you have ultimate control over whether you age gracefully, experiencing and manifesting health and vitality, or… Continue reading Growing Old vs. Aging Gracefully – The Bitterest Pill

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Is Play Missing from Your Health Quest?

We can learn a lot from children.They naturally express great imagination and creativity. And their innocence is a breath of fresh air. Watching children without modern society’s filters and programming is a wonder to behold (there’s a reason kids say the darndest things). One lesson I try to get across to clients is that if… Continue reading Is Play Missing from Your Health Quest?

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You Have Permission

I’m not going to tell you that you have to slow down and rest, but I do give you permission to do so. It’s okay. There’s a huge difference between being lazy and resting, recovering & repairing. Read it, don’t look away, in fact I ask you, no, I implore you . . . .… Continue reading You Have Permission

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The WHO, Bacon & Cancer

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently concluded that bacon and other processed meats are carcinogens placed within the same category as smoking and asbestos exposure. So bacon must be really bad considering that smoking 3 cigarettes a day increases your risk of cancer by 500 percent. Eating two slices of bacon a day increases the… Continue reading The WHO, Bacon & Cancer

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Supplementation: One Pillar of Health Building

Cellular malfunction is at the root of all health challenges. The cause of this dysfunction or Metabolic Chaos™ is from exposure to chronic and acute bouts of stress resulting in our body losing the ability to defend against and resolve stress. The D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Lifestyle Program that I coach as a FDN® Practitioner addresses… Continue reading Supplementation: One Pillar of Health Building

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Your Health Challenges are Teachers

Question: What does your health have to do with teachers, much less your health complaints? Answer: Your health complaints, symptoms or disease diagnosis are teachers. Cancer is a teacher. Heart disease is a teacher. Obesity is a teacher. Diabetes is a teacher, Mental Fragility is a teacher along with fatigue, muscle/joint pain, brain fog, etc.… Continue reading Your Health Challenges are Teachers