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Why You Need A Farmer

You may believe that malnourishment is highly unlikely in the U.S. considering how readily available “food” is. But you would be wrong as the chart from the Department of Agriculture clearly shows. Would you be as surprised that this is far from being a “new” problem? This is from the 2nd Session of the 74th… Continue reading Why You Need A Farmer

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Butter vs. Margarine

Let’s call this comparison something more accurate. How about Food vs. Non-Food! In spite of all the marketing that promotes margarine and even vegetable shortening not only as food but as a healthy choice or option, the reality is that margarine is not a food at all, In fact, it can’t build health much less… Continue reading Butter vs. Margarine


Animal Food Hierarchy

If you want to Look & Feel Your Best. If you want to manifest your health potential. You have take nutrition seriously. Optimal nutrition comes from feeding your body real whole food that’s appropriate for your metabolism, was raised or grown the way nature intended and manipulated as little as possible. Does the source of… Continue reading Animal Food Hierarchy

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Farming Methods Matter: Plants

Just as the Farming practices of animal products have an impact upon the nutritional density of those products, the same applies to the plant world. Many studies have been done over the years comparing nutrient density now relative to the past. Here are a few examples: A team of researchers from the University of Texas… Continue reading Farming Methods Matter: Plants