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Cognitive Dissonance and Health

Cognitive Dissonance may appear to be an odd health & vitality building topic. Humor me, I believe it is very relevant and appropriate. Let’s first make sure we’re both on the same page by defining Cognitive Dissonance. Psychologist Leon Festinger (1919-89), introduced the concept in the late 1950’s. When confronted with challenging new information, most… Continue reading Cognitive Dissonance and Health

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Your Health Challenges are Teachers

Question: What does your health have to do with teachers, much less your health complaints? Answer: Your health complaints, symptoms or disease diagnosis are teachers. Cancer is a teacher. Heart disease is a teacher. Obesity is a teacher. Diabetes is a teacher, Mental Fragility is a teacher along with fatigue, muscle/joint pain, brain fog, etc.… Continue reading Your Health Challenges are Teachers