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Food Matters – Mongolian Beef

I found this recipe and it looked appealing. Unknowingly I have unleashed a monster. This is seriously addictive. I have already reordered a larger amount of Sirloin Tip steak from my farmer. I will say I did not have, nor could I find easily the Arbor peppers. I ended up using Poblanos fresh from the… Continue reading Food Matters – Mongolian Beef


Animal Food Hierarchy

If you want to Look & Feel Your Best. If you want to manifest your health potential. You have take nutrition seriously. Optimal nutrition comes from feeding your body real whole food that’s appropriate for your metabolism, was raised or grown the way nature intended and manipulated as little as possible. Does the source of… Continue reading Animal Food Hierarchy

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Your Digestive System – Part 1: Misunderstood & Under-Appreciated

You know that saying, “You are what you eat,” it is not really accurate and rather simplistic. You can consume the highest quality, most nutrient dense foods available and your cells may still be malnourished, starving and dysfunctional. Just because you put it into your mouth doesn’t ensure that your body is capable of taking… Continue reading Your Digestive System – Part 1: Misunderstood & Under-Appreciated