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You Have Permission

I’m not going to tell you that you have to slow down and rest, but I do give you permission to do so. It’s okay. There’s a huge difference between being lazy and resting, recovering & repairing. Read it, don’t look away, in fact I ask you, no, I implore you . . . .… Continue reading You Have Permission

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When is it Time to Change………

65% of American adults are overweight or obese Over 36% (78+ million) American adults Over 17% (12.5+ million) are considered obese (BMI over 30) Over 17% (12.5+ million) American children and adolescents are considered obese (BMI over 30) By 2030 42% of Americans are expected to be obese, not just overweight 25% of Americans between… Continue reading When is it Time to Change………

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Why Your Thyroid Condition May Be Unresolved

A Hypothyroid diagnosis or under active thyroid symptoms are very common. What I typically see is that after receiving limited thyroid diagnostic testing (TSH, T4, sometimes T3), individuals receive one of three options: T4 replacement (Levothyroxine or Synthroid) T3 replacement (Cytomel or a compounded time-release product) Desiccated Natural Thyroid, basically a glandular extract (Armour, Nature-throid or Westhroid)… Continue reading Why Your Thyroid Condition May Be Unresolved

Success Stories

Success Stories: Ale’s Health Solution

This is a testimony from a current client, Ale (she asked me to use her middle name). I have been working with Michael for about 6 months. I had been suffering from bloating, mood swings, irritability and was carrying an extra 10 pounds I couldn't shed.  Since that time Michael has helped me make lifestyle… Continue reading Success Stories: Ale’s Health Solution

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Where Do You Fall On The Wellness Scale?

Just about everyone I encounter wants to be healthy They want boundless energy and vitality. They want to be functionally fit and able to perform all their daily activities and they wish to maintain this health well into their senior years. Where most fall short is that they don’t know what health is, much less… Continue reading Where Do You Fall On The Wellness Scale?