Animal Food Hierarchy

If you want to Look & Feel Your Best. If you want to manifest your health potential. You have take nutrition seriously. Optimal nutrition comes from feeding your body real whole food that’s appropriate for your metabolism, was raised or grown the way nature intended and manipulated as little as possible. Does the source of… Continue reading Animal Food Hierarchy


Lifestyle Matters – Chickens & Nutrient Density

No matter what you do, you can’t achieve true health without optimal functioning cells. The cells that make up the tissue, glands, organs and complex systems which drive the metabolic pathways require nutrition along with other factors. Without the proper nutrition relative to your unique metabolic needs true health is not possible. This visual demonstrates… Continue reading Lifestyle Matters – Chickens & Nutrient Density

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Chickens, Health & Lifestyle

Does it matter what a chicken eats? It makes a world of difference and most people never give it a thought much less ask the question. Chickens were meant to play on pasture eating from nature’s all you can eat buffet; bugs, insects, worms, slugs, maggots, plants and seeds, etc. Being outside, in nature consuming… Continue reading Chickens, Health & Lifestyle

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Farming Methods Matter: Animals

  There has been an increasing push against the consumption of animal products. Studies arise stating that animal products cause cancer, contribute to cardiovascular disease, etc. We are told they are bad for the environment and inhumane. The general consensus, then is to stop eating meat if you really care about yourself and humanity or… Continue reading Farming Methods Matter: Animals