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Health and Natural Laws

Are you struggling with health challenges? Are you frustrated because you are not making the progress in spite of doing “all the right things”? Are you trying to find that missing piece of the health puzzle? Awaken Your Health programs are designed to provide the answer to these questions and more. While functional lab testing and… Continue reading Health and Natural Laws

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Contradictions and Health

In your journey to manifest true health and vitality what can we learn from nature? According to natural law, contradictions don’t exist. Contradictions only exist in thinking. The contradiction is either an error or a lie. The Error: We don’t have enough or adequate information to arrive at the truth and/or we don’t understand what… Continue reading Contradictions and Health

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When is it Time to Change………

65% of American adults are overweight or obese Over 36% (78+ million) American adults Over 17% (12.5+ million) are considered obese (BMI over 30) Over 17% (12.5+ million) American children and adolescents are considered obese (BMI over 30) By 2030 42% of Americans are expected to be obese, not just overweight 25% of Americans between… Continue reading When is it Time to Change………

Success Stories

Success Stories: Ale’s Health Solution

This is a testimony from a current client, Ale (she asked me to use her middle name). I have been working with Michael for about 6 months. I had been suffering from bloating, mood swings, irritability and was carrying an extra 10 pounds I couldn't shed.  Since that time Michael has helped me make lifestyle… Continue reading Success Stories: Ale’s Health Solution

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Myths & Legends Part 1

Growing up, we are taught, or more accurately told many things. When we are told or hear something often enough we tend to believe it. If the individual(s) are in a position of authority or seen as an expert it tends to lead credence to whatever it is we are told. In reality, we often… Continue reading Myths & Legends Part 1