Health Memes

In this page I offer Health and Lifestyle memes,  I hope to entertain, make you think and generally empower you to take control and begin the process to Look & Feel Your Best. Click on the image to view a larger version. Learn more by clicking on the link that will take to a blog post.

Chicken Meals MemeChickens, Health & Lifestyle. Does it matter what a chicken eats? You bet and this blog post offers  insight into why. Before you plan out or acquire the food for your next meal, consider the health of the food and realize that Lifestyle Matters, not just yours but also that of the plant or animal you enjoy.




Lifestyle Matters - Chicken Eggs Meme smLifestyle Matters: Chickens & Nutrient Density. This visual sums it up rather clearly. How your food is grown and/or raised does make a difference. 

Animal Hierarchy MemeAnimal Food Hierarchy. If you are going to go through the trouble of feeding yourself animal products you may as well serve up the healthiest, most nutrient dense forms you can. Lifestyle Matters and this chart will help.

Walking MemeWalk Your Way to Health. Unlike the popular quote to take the path less travelled, I suggest a better choice, Blaze your own trail! Walking can be just the catalyst your body and mind needs to shift itself to a higher level of health and function.

cooking-oils-meme-smallGuide to Cooking Oils/Fats. Cooking without fat goes against everything that we as human were meant to enjoy in the wonderful experience of eating. To get the most benefit, and even health gains, it is vital to understand what fats/oils are best to use and when to use them. While the image is self-explanatory, I have included more information in my blog post.

Butter vs. Margarine. One is a food and one is not. One can greatly enhance and support health, while the other weakens and slowly destroys health. Can you guess which is food? Take a look at these two memes and empower yourself to a higher level. If you wish for more insight and perspective, click on this blog post. butter-vs-margarine-made-memebutter-vs-margarine-nutrients-meme