Your Perfect Diet


  • Hungry for a Change?
  • Tired of following “fad diets” that work for so many, but not you?
  • Confused why your body is resisting your best diet intentions?
  • Uncomfortable relying on meal replacement shakes and rice cakes (yes, they still exist) as your primary sources of nutrition?
  • Concerned about the health consequences of chronic dieting, “magic pills” and “detox” programs?
  • Looking for a method of eating that works, and makes sense?

While food alone may not be the ONLY healing tool you need, it IS an essential tool and the best place to start!

Your Perfect Diet  can create an environment where you:

  • Lose Unwanted Weight and/or Gain Wanted Lean Tissue
  • Improve Mental Clarity and Cognitive Function
  • Reduce Mental Fragility (anxiety, depression, quick to anger, etc.)
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Slow the Aging Process
  • Balance Hormones
  • Decrease Digestive Complaints
  • Enhance Immune Function
  • Strengthen your Body’s Natural Defensive to Life’s Daily Stressors

It is universally understood and known that . . . .

  • The human body requires food
  • The purpose of food is to provide fuel to ensure cellular function
  • Underlying ALL human processes is your metabolism, driven by energy produced through cellular function
  • Your metabolism is as unique to you as your fingerprint. As such, it has unique genetically determined, nutritional requirements

Metabolic Typing® as part of Your Perfect Diet is the only eating method scientifically shown to take into account your biochemical individuality.

Without identifying and understanding one’s Metabolic Type®, predictable, reliably effective food selection is not possible. Any success of a recommended therapeutic protocol or any particular diet for that matter, is due to chance, not scientific, objective predictability.

How Do We Know a Perfect Diet Exists for You, or Anyone?

All we have to do is look to the past, specifically the work of Dr. Weston A. Price (Nutrition & Physical Degeneration, 1939). Dr. Price travelled the world investigating indigenous populations. He discovered multi-generational, healthy, long-living populations free of chronic disease (cancer, diabetes, CVD, Mental Fragility), even cavities, each thriving on tremendously varied diets:

  • The Masai subsisted on a diet of pure protein, mainly meat, blood and milk with up to 300g/day of fat. This is very similar to the Inuit, whose fat rich fish and blubber diet included practically no vegetables.
  • The Aborigines, on the other hand, ate a diet high in carbohydrates and protein, but extremely low in fat. Their neighbors, the Maori, ate a high protein, low carb diet, mainly fish, fatty pork, kelp and roots.
  • Southern Europeans were largely lactose intolerant, while the Samburus of East Africa managed to consume some 10 liters of full-fat milk a day.

It has been proven time and time again; give the body what it NEEDS, it will respond by giving you what you WANT!

Your Perfect Diet  gives your body what it nutritionally NEEDS allowing for optimal cellular function, manifesting as increased health and vitality, which is what you WANT!

Here’s a peek at what you’re going to discover and learn over the course of the eight-week program:

  • What your Metabolic Type® is, that is, how your body breaks down food and utilizes it to produce energy and drive cellular function
  • What the best foods most appropriate for your metabolism (type) are
  • How to plan and build meals that support your metabolism
  • How to ensure optimal blood sugar management
  • How to fine-tune your diet taking advantage of the innate wisdom inside you
  • Learn about “Program Enhancers” that support, stimulate and assist healing
  • Learn about “Blocking Factors” which impede healing
  • How to enjoy eating without guilt and negative consequences

Where Do I Begin?

  • Set up a consultation (30 minutes) to find out which FDN® Functional Health Coaching program is the best fit for you.
  • Proactively make the investment in your health that you won’t regret.
  • Reap the benefits as you build health & vitality, and embrace life, naturally!

Disclaimer: Michael Olesky, Health & Body Performance, LLC, FDN® Functional Health Coaching, Your Perfect Diet Program and the Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing® does not treat disease, but rather seeks to build health and balance body ecology through a non-specific metabolic therapy, i.e., properly evaluating, identifying and addressing each person’s biochemical individuality, thus unleashing the body’s natural, inherent and powerful capabilities for restoration, rejuvenation and radiant good health, preprogrammed into every one of the body’s 100 trillion cells – a state far beyond that of being merely free of symptoms.