FDN® Functional Health Coaching

Are You. . . . .

  • Sick & Tired of Feeling Sick & Tired?
  • Frustrated by a lack of progress, in spite of doing “everything right”?
  • Ready to take back your health after watching family or friends suffer from a chronic disease or degenerative condition?
  • Looking to start Aging Gracefully rather than Grow Old?
  • Realizing that at the end of the day, the only person that can truly take care of you is you and what you really want is someone in your corner as focused on your health as you are?

True wellness is driven by a myriad of internal and external factors. Achieving health requires a more holistic, balanced approach than the conventional practice of purely treating and suppressing physical symptoms.

The Awaken Your Health FDN® Functional Health Coaching program’s objective is to educate and empower the individual, in this case you, to make more optimal lifestyle choices allowing your true health potential to manifest itself.

Regardless of how common your health challenges or disease(s) are, they are NOT normal.

Just because almost 2/3 of the adult americans are considered overweight or obese does not make being overweight or obese normal? Having cancer is not normal. Cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes or an autoimmune condition are not normal. Chronic fatigue, mental fragility, digestive distress, brain fog, etc. are not normal conditions!

The Awaken Your Health FDN® Functional Health Coaching program is designed to restore function to the 100+ trillion cells of your body, and allow the natural programming, genetically imprinted into each of those cells, to run as designed.

True health and vitality is created from the inside out.

When it comes to health, your body (cells) innately knows what to do and how to do it. Your cells don’t need to be told, or watch videos or read self-help books. They already know!

Rather than get in the way of the natural healing process, we need to support and assist it.

We support or hinder cellular function through the environment we live in and the lifestyle choices made within that environment.

To put it another way, your current state of health is the result of how you interact with people, places and things including yourself.

How does the Awaken Your Health FDN® Functional Health Coaching work?

We use functional labs to gain insight into the inner workings of your body by searching out and investigating HIDDEN internal stressors:

  • Hormones / Adrenal Function (HPA Axis)
  • Immune Function
  • Detoxification Pathways
  • Digestive Efficiency
  • Energy Production
  • Nervous System

Understanding your body’s strength and weaknesses allows for targeted protocols taking advantage of healing opportunities.

We don’t diagnose disease, nor do we treat the lab results. While lab test results are important, more important is the individual (you) manifesting those results.

We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach to health building. There are two primary reasons:

  1. We have had clients with similar lab results, manifesting varied signs, symptoms and diseases.
  2. We have had clients with similar signs, symptoms and diseases manifesting varied lab results.

Due to Biochemical Individuality everyone is as unique in metabolic function as they are in their fingerprints. This FACT is the cornerstone of our health building framework.

The D.R.E.S.S. program is a holistic form of self-care clinically proven to build health & vitality.

  • Diet (Eating)
  • Rest (Sleeping)
  • Exercise (Moving)
  • Stress Reduction
  • Supplementation (Targeted Use)

These D.R.E.S.S. principles are the foundation for health. The program’s ability to be customized and individualized along with the use of comprehensive resources to educate ensure the integrity of this foundation.

Many programs are available that run labs and make recommendations. The Awaken Your Health FDN® Health Coaching takes this to another level. We focus on education, active participation and empowerment to create results, not just today but also tomorrow and for the remainder of your life.

FDN® Health Coaching is available in three carefully crafted forms*:

  • “Platinum” All-Inclusive 6-Month Package (called Platinum because like common sense it is incredibly rare and valuable but perfect for those that want to fully take advantage of the opportunity and/or are dealing with chronic conditions)
  • “Health Kickstart” 6-month Package (this is ideal for those strongly motivated and able to follow directions with less hands-on assistance)
  • The Autonomy Package (I refer to this as the “Let’s Just Run Labs” program, for those individuals that want to know the essential facts; what’s wrong with me and why and then head out on the journey on their own with minimal guidance and direction)

This natural holistic coaching approach yields the highest level of positive clinical outcomes.

Stop guessing and making assumptions. It is time to break the cycle of trial and error!

If you are as motivated to regain your health as I am in seeing it happen, then you have come to the right place.

Where Do I Begin?

  • Set up a consultation (30 minutes) to find out which FDN® Functional Health Coaching program is the best fit for you.
  • Proactively make the investment in your health that you won’t regret.
  • Reap the benefits as you build health & vitality, and embrace life, naturally!

What is FDN® Functional Health Coaching?

Disclaimer: Michael Olesky, Health & Body Performance, LLC, FDN® Functional Health Coaching, Your Perfect Diet Program and the Healthexcel System of Metabolic Typing® does not treat disease, but rather seeks to build health and balance body ecology through a non-specific metabolic therapy, i.e., properly evaluating, identifying and addressing each person’s biochemical individuality, thus unleashing the body’s natural, inherent and powerful capabilities for restoration, rejuvenation and radiant good health, preprogrammed into every one of the body’s 100 trillion cells – a state far beyond that of being merely free of symptoms.