Awaken Your Health Services

The videos below cover the primary Awaken Your Health services:

  • FDN® Functional Health Coaching an intensive program where in phase one we discover the root causal factors of your health challenges,  Then we begin rebuilding the foundation upon which your health and vitality will be built upon. Tremendous progress can be created within the 12 or 26 week time-frames.
  • The Eating Makeover is an 8-week program where we use the science of Metabolic Typing® and Real Whole Food to optimize your eating to meet your unique genetically required nutritional requirements. Options exist to include food sensitivity testing (MRT) to eliminate inflammatory foods along with hair tissue mineral assessment (HTMA) to gain correlative insight into mineral imbalances and other metabolic deficiencies. The Eating Makeover can be coached as a one-on-one process or in small groups (great for friends supporting each other).
What is FDN® Functional Health Coaching?

What is FDN® Functional Health Coaching?

FDN® Functional Health Coaching

The jpg is the Flow Chart referenced in the above video


Eating Makeover – This three part series lays the framework for why there is no one perfect one-size-fits-all diet but there is a perfect diet for you.

  • Part One covers recent research into the unique area of varied blood sugar responses to food.
  • Part Two looks at the poorly recognized research of Dr. Weston A. Price.
  • Part Three breaks down how Metabolic Typing® takes into account biochemical individuality to not only explain the first two videos but also why there is a perfect fit for you


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