Metabolic Chaos™

Your body consists of cells.

These cells make up tissue, glands, organs and ultimately complex systems or metabolic pathways.

For instance; Hormonal, Immune, Digestive, Detoxification, Nervous, Hypothalmus-Pituitary-Adrenal / Gonadal / Thyroid Axis, etc.

These pathways, along with fluids, gases, chemistry and energy work together interacting with each other, people, places and things…….or life.

Driving this metabolic orchestration is a detailed set of instructions, a program or innate intelligence.

This intelligence resides in each of the 100 trillion + cells of your body.

You were born with this intelligence, it is YOUR birthright!

When this orchestration is functioning optimally the body is in a state of homeostasis, where you experience true health and vitality

Metabolic Chaos™ is the term referred to when there is a disruption to this orchestration.

At its core, at its simplest, you initially lose function at the cellular level.

This cellular dysfunction resides within specific tissue,  it’s not systemic……at least not yet!

If ignored, this dysfunction can rapidly “snowball”, negatively impacting other tissue, glands, organs and ultimately systems.

Early on you may experience mild symptoms.

If ignored, there is a significant decrease to overall health (quality of life), which can force you into the medical model of drugs, surgery, invasive procedures and unintended consequences.

If caught early enough, you can not only slow down, but in many cases reverse this process.

You can create order and function out of chaos!

The art of healing or self-care is more than just discovering the root causal factors through careful histories and well-chosen functional labs.

The art of healing requires personal responsibility to AWAKEN oneself and understand that one’s health is the result of the environment…… and the lifestyle choices made within that environment.

In other words, how you choose to interact with people, places and things including yourselves ultimately determine your state of health and vitality.


FDN® Functional Health Coaching not only uncovers healing opportunities, it also offers proven, time honored health building principles, and the assistance of personalized, customized coaching.

You don’t have to travel this journey alone!

Food Matters – Tomato Jam Recipe

It’s summer so I can’t help myself. I have to offer this easy, tasty and addictive recipe for Tomato Jam!

I don’t recall where I found this recipe but I am glad I saved it and can pass it on.

My plan each summer is to make enough to satisfy my current needs and also enough to get me through the winter. The jam freezes nicely in pint sized canning jars.

I am sure you will love it. If you don’t have enough tomatoes in your garden head out to your local farmer’s market or even roadside produce provider (remember to ask questions about how the tomatoes were grown, use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, etc) and purchase what you need. Try to bypass the mass produced and relatively flavorless grocery store tomatoes. You deserve better, both taste and nutritionally!


Food Matters – The EGG

The images you are looking at are the difference in lifestyle between a Cage-Free chicken and a Pasture-Raised chicken.

When I look at these images, I see a choice. A choice, not only as to how you spend your money but more importantly the farming practices you support.

I support my Amish farmer by purchasing his pastured chicken eggs versus other less expensive and lower quality product.

According to a 2007 Mother Earth News egg testing project nutritional difference exist

Pastured Chicken Eggs contain on average

  • 2/3 more vitamin A
  • 3 times more vitamin E
  • 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
  • 7 times more beta carotene
  • 4-6 times more vitamin D

Significantly more nutrition in the same sized package. Is it worth it? Of course! The value of pastured eggs is even higher when you factor in the impact from having poor health & vitality.

With the exception of “Pasture Raised”, most terms used to describe eggs don’t mean what you would think.

CAGE FREE: This only means the chickens are not in cages. They can still be confined in a building, often in large numbers, with little or no outdoor access.

FREE RANGE: According to the USDA, chickens must be allowed outdoor “access”. Key words; “allowed access”. Reality is a “cage free” environment with a small door that opens outside to a few square feet of space.

VEGETARIAN FED: Chickens are NOT vegetarians. Healthy chickens thrive on bugs and insects. If vegetarian fed, the chickens are most likely raised indoors, caged or cage-free, but does it actually matter at that point?

PASTURE RAISED: There are no current guidelines. This term is typically used by sustainable farmers to mean the chickens are raised outdoors, in pasture (on grass) eating bugs, insects and anything else it can find.

PASTURE RAISED is what you should look for as it best allows a chicken to express its “chicken-ness”, at least until agri-business highjacks the term.

Without traveling to your farmer’s farm or coordinating a drop site, your best source is your local farmer’s market where you can buy direct from the farmer. You can not only ask questions about farming techniques practiced, but receive answers.

Empower yourself and make informed, educated choices when it comes to nourishing your body

“You can’t get health from an unhealthy plant or animal.”

The Stress Cascade

  • Are you challenged by health complaints that either won’t go away or are getting worse?
  • Have you recently received a diagnosis and you’re trying to understand why?
  • Have you been told that there is nothing wrong with you, yet you strongly disagree?

Does any of this sounds familiar?

I offer you something to consider……that a stress cascade is in play.

Our modern lifestyle is highly stressful; physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

Existing metabolic/functional imbalances or deficiencies are further compromised in the presence of chronic or acute bouts of stress.

If these imbalances are ignored or masked, by Rx/OTC drugs, stimulants or suppressants, the imbalances spread impacting other functional pathways

Over time, Metabolic Chaos™ ensues.

Metabolic Chaos™ is often HIDDEN within the metabolic systems of the body, including:

  • Hormone Imbalances / Adrenals (HPA Axis)
  • Immune system
  • Digestive system
  • Detoxification pathways
  • Energy production / Cellular function
  • Nervous (Brain) System

This manifests as symptoms or health challenges that if not resolved, leads to illness, disease and a decrease in quality and length of life.

The eight (8) most common health challenges (symptoms of Metabolic Chaos™) are:

  1. Headaches / Migraines
  2. Sleeplessness / Insomnia
  3. Tiredness / Fatigue
  4. Sinus / Allergies
  5. Mental Fragility (Moodiness, Anxiety, Depression, Irritability)
  6. Tension (particularly in the neck/shoulders)
  7. Digestive complaints
  8. Unwanted weight

If you understand how the body functions;

  • what stimulates, assists and supports function
  • what impedes and disrupts function

Then you can create positive change

You can make educated, informed, proven, lifestyle choices…. that build Health & Vitality

It’s time to Awaken Your Health!

It’s time to learn a proven form of self care and avoid being forced into the medical model.

FDN® Functional Health Coaching is designed, with the aid of state of art lab testing and tools, to give your body what it needs so you can experience what you want…..true Health & Vitality.

Make an investment in your health you won’t regret.

Tomato Garden Pie

I love this time of year, to be honest I love just about every time or year. When it comes to food, it is Tomato time. And what better use for a plump, ripe yummy tomato than a Summer Garden Pie!!!

I have had the opportunity to try over a dozen variations on this theme and every one has been a disappointment compared to this one.

I do encourage you to buy, fresh, organic and local when able. If you are not growing tomatoes in your backyard garden, you will easily find them at your local farmer’s markets. The taste explosion in your mouth will make these tomatoes so much better than anything found in your grocery store.

I have included a family recipe for a simple pie crust. It make a huge difference in the final product. Let me know what you think after gobbling up the entire pie!!!!

You Have A Choice

You Have a Choice….

You can learn a holistic form of self-care…..

  • based upon functional lab testing
  • customized around your unique biochemical individuality
  • utilizing proven health & vitality building natural protocols


You can be forced into the medical model where pharmaceutical drugs, surgery and a one-size-fits-all approach is the norm.

You Have a Choice……

Be proactive and discover the root cause of your health challenges and eradicate them.


Be reactive hoping for the best and never sure what will happen next.

It’s time to Awaken Your Health with FDN® Functional Health Coaching.

Make an investment in your health you won’t regret!


Food Sensitivities/Allergies and Vaccines?

I am offering this information and questions to stimulate your thought process, maybe initiate some investigation and your asking of a few questions so than an educated knowledgable choice can be made.

The question is whether there is a connection, a correlation between the food proteins contained in modern vaccines and the epidemic level of food sensitivities / food allergies present in modern America?

Here is a link to a modern study (2015) that brings to light evidence that there does exist a link. This study was published in October ’15 in the Journal of Developing Drugs.

This connection is not new as Nobel Laureate Charles Richet demonstrated over 100 years ago and many studies in the 1940’s demonstrated.

What further complicates or adds to the connection is the commonplace C-section. Bypassing the birth canal removes the exposure of the infant to the healthy, nourishing bacteria the reside within the mother. A child born via C-section has, from birth a compromised micro biome and as a result a less effective immune system.

Intact food proteins should not be found within the bloodstream, amino acids from broken down proteins, sure. Vaccines inject these elements and more directly into the bloodstream bypassing the body’s natural defensive barriers.

On top of this we have the toxic aluminum and mercury present along with other unnatural adjuvants. Heavy metals are not to alter cell function directly by contact and indirectly by displacing nutrients, Heavy metals also are very harmful to the nervous system and brain.

Making matters worse is that there exists a very high correlation between the GI tract’s mucosal barrier and the blood brain barrier. If one is compromised, so is the other. Another protective mechanism is not capable of performing its job and heavy metals are known to find themselves a home in fat tissue, which you brain is primarily composed of.

So I have to ask, is there a connection between the large exposure of heavy metals through vaccines early in life to the increase in neurological disorders we are see in adults and not only the elderly?

I also have to ask this question. If food based proteins in vaccines are contributing to food sensitivities and allergies, would the presence of human tissue cells also found in vaccines be contributing to the significant increase in auto-immune diagnosis?

Is it that hard to consider that the body’s immune system could mistake it’s own tissue for very similar “other” human tissue injected directly into the blood stream. If the immune system finds these “other” human cells in proximity to the thyroid for example, maybe it gets confused and begins attacking the thyroid itself? One this process starts, it may very well continue and then decades later, a doctor decides to take a patients concerns seriously or the patient pays out of pocket and runs a thyroid panel containing thyroid antibody markers and before you know it, Hashimoto’s is diagnosed. While a diagnosis of hypothyroidism is partially a thyroid problem, Hashimoto’s is primarily an auto-immune condition and should be dealt with very differently.

I don’t want to pass judgement on anyone’s choices regarding vaccines. All I ask is that you remain open-minded to the possibilities and do some investigation. It may greatly benefit your health and the health of your children.

Food Matters – Mongolian Beef

I found this recipe and it looked appealing. Unknowingly I have unleashed a monster. This is seriously addictive. I have already reordered a larger amount of Sirloin Tip steak from my farmer.

I will say I did not have, nor could I find easily the Arbor peppers. I ended up using Poblanos fresh from the garden and Shishitos from the farmer’s market. I prefer the taste of peppers over merely the presence of heat. These are a very nice combination.

This dish is easy to make, does not require a lot of time or prep and rewards you with a delicious savory meal to enjoy with loved ones, or just yourself…..doesn’t really matter!

Garlic Scape Soup

Garlic scapes are only available for a few weeks in June and we are heading into peak season. While they’re around you may as well enjoy them. Their taste and aroma is more subtle than garlic cloves so that they can be used in large amounts and won’t be overwhelming. Like garlic bulbs, the flavor and consistency can change as they mature. They toughen with age.

Scapes can be frozen and enjoyed later. Dishes such as this soup can be made in large batches and saved for later enjoyment.

Four cups of scapes may sound like a lot, I bought the equivalent of 8 cups at the local farmer’s market this past weekend for $4. So we doubled the recipe. Inexpensive, nutrient dense and very tasty. This recipe makes roughly 6 servings.

  • 4 cups of chopped fresh garlic scares
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 cups chicken stock
  • 3/4 cup heavy cream
  • 1/2 cup parmesan cheese
  • Basil, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste

Wash and roughly chop scapes into 1-2” pieces. You will blend them so don’t worry about appearances. Use most of the scapes, just cut off the heads that have small pods.

Heat olive oil in large sauce pan and cook scapes for about 10 minutes on medium heat until soft. Add salt and pepper to taste as they cook.

Add chicken stock to sauce pan and let simmer for 20 minutes.

Add scapes to a food processor or blender and puree. You may need to do this in batches. Blend until smooth.

Pour back into sauce pan and stir in heavy cream.

Add salt and pepper to taste as well as basil, lemon and other herbs or spices you like. Go easy on the lemon, easier to add more then remove.

Keep on low until ready to serve, stirring in Parmesan cheese just before serving.


The Basics of Holistic Dental Health

Truly healthy teeth and gums are more than just a winning smile. Because of the strong link between chronic infection in the mouth and other health conditions, and the known and unknown dangers of xenobiotic substances used in dental treatments, it is vital be proactive in caring for your teeth and gums. In addition, there is no comparison to the costs of conventional dental care versus quality holistic self-care.

Xenobiotic substances are non-biocompatible, that is, not recognized by the body and can have major health implications especially immunological. Root canals, mercury, ceramics, cements, sealants, plastics, silicons, implants, etc., can have long-term adverse consequences.

  • As mercury amalgams break down, the mercury can drain down and into the thyroid. It is strongly believed that thyroid disorders and even auto-immune conditions such as Hashimoto’s Disease can be triggered this way.
  • The rare and mysterious condition Morgellons disease has been linked to specific dental materials
  • Systemic, severe dental gum inflammation (periodontitis) has been linked to strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis

The point of this article is not to delve deeply into dental and oral health problems, rather it is to offer some insight and easy to implement suggestions to improve or at least maintain current levels of dental health.

Find yourself a holistic biological dentist. The biological dentist is worth having on your team as they utilize modern advances while minimizing exposure to xenobiotic substances. If you need more than just a checkup/cleaning, you want the best options with the least possible consequences.

There are three primary dental diseases: tooth decay, gingivitis and periodontitis. There are diverse causes and multiple types of these conditions. The most widespread and common forms have a similar etiology and therefore similar approaches to resolve.

The cause of these diseases is a bacterial infection with acidification from carbohydrate metabolism. Carbohydrates consumed are broken down into sucrose and starch and acted on by various enzymes which can then become dental plaque, a form of bacterial biofilm. This biofilm along with the presence of sugars creates lactic acid which begins dissolving the enamel. This lactic acid alters the pH of the mouth, further damaging the terrain and weakening your body’s defenses over time making it more conducive to pathogens. The bacteria generally attributed to tooth decay and gingivitis is Streptococcus mutants.

Tooth Decay: The acidification causes the demineralization of the surface structures of the teeth. Minor lesions, or the beginning of dental cavities, can re-mineralize if you apply good oral hygiene, herbal preparations and appropriate nutrition. After a cavity has been established, there is no option other than conventional dentistry. But you do have options as to how the tooth is filled and with what material.

Gingivitis: The most common type is plaque-induced and caused by the bacterial biofilm and the immune system’s response to it. There are various types depending on the influence of factors including systemic health, medications and nutrition (or lack of). Some forms of gingivitis are caused by factors other than plaque including other types of infection, trauma and reactions to xenobiotic (foreign) substances.

The etiology is the same as caries: accumulation of bacterial biofilm producing acid toxins and enzymes which provokes an inflammatory response in the gum tissue

Gingivitis is not destructive and does not alway progress to periodontitis, but periodontitis is always preceded by gingivitis.

Periodontitis: A group of inflammatory diseases that effect the four tissues of the periodontium (gums, cementum (outer layer of roots of teeth), alveolar bone and periodontal ligaments connecting teeth to the alveolar bone. The etiology is the same as above, just much more severe.

To maintain or build healthy teeth and gums you need to regulate the microbial environment of the mouth. If you have good oral/dental health, this is rather easy. If have a poor dental history, I encourage you to dig deeper and involve a holistic biological dentist. My Awaken Your Health FDN® Health Coaching is an excellent complementary program that can offer great insight to take advantage of healing opportunties.

  • Diet: It is vital to consume a real whole food diet appropriate from one’s metabolism (Metabolic Typing®) and greatly reduce or ideally eliminate simple carbohydrates and sugars (building blocks of bacterial biofilm)
  • Saliva: Maintain a healthy flow of saliva. Gathering saliva in the mouth, swishing it around for a minute of two and then swallowing it is important not only because it activates digestive enzymes but also cleanses the mouth and contains compounds that inhibit bacterial fermentation and acidity that causes inflammation and infection. In other words, as saliva production decreases, acidity levels and demineralization increases.
    • Gathering the Jade Juice: This is a saliva generating qigong exercise done by circling the tongue around the mouth and over the teeth to stimulate saliva flow and allowed to accumulate. Once the mouth is full of saliva it is swished around, cleaning the teeth and gums and releasing more saliva. As this continues the taste of the saliva sweetens and becomes more watery, indicating its parasympathetic origin. Also visualize the saliva is infused with pure silver moonlight that transforms it into a nectar of healing, then it is swallowed.
  • Mechanical Cleansing: Brush your teeth properly multiple times a day to keep plaque from building up between dental cleanings
  • Use Anti-microbial and Anti-inflammatory compounds in your cleansing practices

Here is what I have been using since early 2016. The Dirt Trace Mineral Toothbrushing Powder and P2 Probiotic Power “I Clean Your Teeth” oral rinse. The results have been rather impressive, at least that is what my dental hygienist has told me. I get my teeth cleaned every 6 months. Since I have begun using these two products the amount of plaque buildup has been decreasing significantly with each check up. My dental hygienist as of Winter 2017 actually believes I floss on a daily basis. Floss touches my teeth twice a year, during a cleaning and if I get something caught in my teeth and can’t otherwise remove it. All things being equal, these two products have made a significant improvement to the terrain or mucosal environment of my mouth.

The Dirt Toothbrushing Powder contains trace minerals to remineralize the enamel, the scrubbing action of baking soda, the detoxification of bentonite clay and anti-inflammatory properties of specific herbs with no glycerin or potentially dangerous fluoride. I wrote a review of the product you can find here . You can also advantage of a 15% off your first purchase promotion

The reason I use the P2 Probiotic Power products is because it has been shown to break down biofilm which is needed to truly clean any surface or environment where bacteria/pathogens may be located. This is especially true of your mouth and kitchen and bathroom surfaces. For oral health, I use two squirts of “I Clean Your Teeth” combined in two ounces of filtered water and use as a mouthwash. I have a review of the P2 products located here . You can visit their website directly through this link .

Between these two products we are breaking down biofilm, balancing the pH, cleaning the teeth and exposing them to trace minerals. Combine that with appropriate nutrition (Metabolic Typing@ and real whole food) and you will see results. As noted before, if you have a history of dental challenges, you may have to look deeper to get the results you desire. There exists other products and many herbal formulas which can benefit your teeth and gums. The options above are what I personally use they are simple, effective and readily available.

I believe you will find this information helpful as you continue on your journey to build health and vitality. If you are interested in how my Awaken Your Health FDN® Health Coaching Programs may be able to assist you, don’t hesitate to contact me.