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Food Sensitivities/Allergies and Vaccines?

I am offering this information and questions to stimulate your thought process, maybe initiate some investigation and your asking of a few questions so than an educated knowledgable choice can be made.

The question is whether there is a connection, a correlation between the food proteins contained in modern vaccines and the epidemic level of food sensitivities / food allergies present in modern America?

Here is a link to a modern study (2015) that brings to light evidence that there does exist a link. https://www.omicsgroup.org/journals/evidence-that-food-proteins-in-vaccines-cause-the-development-of-foodallergies-and-its-implications-for-vaccine-policy-2329-6631-1000137.php?aid=60994. This study was published in October ’15 in the Journal of Developing Drugs.

This connection is not new as Nobel Laureate Charles Richet demonstrated over 100 years ago and many studies in the 1940’s demonstrated.

What further complicates or adds to the connection is the commonplace C-section. Bypassing the birth canal removes the exposure of the infant to the healthy, nourishing bacteria the reside within the mother. A child born via C-section has, from birth a compromised micro biome and as a result a less effective immune system.

Intact food proteins should not be found within the bloodstream, amino acids from broken down proteins, sure. Vaccines inject these elements and more directly into the bloodstream bypassing the body’s natural defensive barriers.

On top of this we have the toxic aluminum and mercury present along with other unnatural adjuvants. Heavy metals are not to alter cell function directly by contact and indirectly by displacing nutrients, Heavy metals also are very harmful to the nervous system and brain.

Making matters worse is that there exists a very high correlation between the GI tract’s mucosal barrier and the blood brain barrier. If one is compromised, so is the other. Another protective mechanism is not capable of performing its job and heavy metals are known to find themselves a home in fat tissue, which you brain is primarily composed of.

So I have to ask, is there a connection between the large exposure of heavy metals through vaccines early in life to the increase in neurological disorders we are see in adults and not only the elderly?

I also have to ask this question. If food based proteins in vaccines are contributing to food sensitivities and allergies, would the presence of human tissue cells also found in vaccines be contributing to the significant increase in auto-immune diagnosis?

Is it that hard to consider that the body’s immune system could mistake it’s own tissue for very similar “other” human tissue injected directly into the blood stream. If the immune system finds these “other” human cells in proximity to the thyroid for example, maybe it gets confused and begins attacking the thyroid itself? One this process starts, it may very well continue and then decades later, a doctor decides to take a patients concerns seriously or the patient pays out of pocket and runs a thyroid panel containing thyroid antibody markers and before you know it, Hashimoto’s is diagnosed. While a diagnosis of hypothyroidism is partially a thyroid problem, Hashimoto’s is primarily an auto-immune condition and should be dealt with very differently.

I don’t want to pass judgement on anyone’s choices regarding vaccines. All I ask is that you remain open-minded to the possibilities and do some investigation. It may greatly benefit your health and the health of your children.

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