The Weight Loss Trap: Article Review

On May 25, 2017, TIME magazine published a surprisingly good article, “The Weight Loss Trap: Why Your Diet isn’t Working.” If you have been struggling with unwanted weight, or any issues related to dieting, I highly recommend you read it. You can find the article here http://ti.me/2r59xZT .

I don’t want to go over the article details, you can read them on your own, rather I wish to offer perspective and more importantly, solutions.

The information itself, is nothing new, nothing groundbreaking. It’s just unusual to see this info presented to the general public this clearly and honestly.

In 2016, the National Institute for Health funded almost $1 Billion dollars in obesity research. Kevin Hall, a scientist representing the NIH actually said this regarding why weight loss can vary so much for people on the same diet plan, “It’s the biggest open question in the field, I wish I knew the answer.”

Considering the science, the technology and information we have at our disposal I find it amazing this quote still exists. I can help you understand the answer and it’s not rocket surgery or brain science!

We have a plethora of possible diets available, low carb, low fat, paleo, ketogenic, vegan, vegetarian, etc., each one has a following that swears it’s the answer.

Lets consider the pitfalls that exist in dieting. There is a reason why, if three individuals consume the exact same diet that it is not unreasonable to see the following outcome: one feels better and loses unwanted weight, one feels worse and gains more weight and the third notices nothing.

There is no perfect diet for everyone! Everyone responds differently, to any given diet or individual food. There is NO successful one-size-fits-all approach.

The reason is “Biochemical Individuality”. Roger J.. Williams PhD wrote about this in 1956. And Weston A. Price published “Nutrition & Physical Degeneration” in 1939 which clearly showed health and vitality are possible from greatly varied diets.

As with most truly groundbreaking work, it is mostly ignored as where these two books and many others.

The key to successful losing unwanted weight is discovering what “diet” is most appropriate for your unique metabolism, that is, how YOUR body breaks down food to produce energy to run the multitude of metabolic pathways that ultimately dictates your level of health, vitality and even body composition.

I offer a program that does just this, Your Perfect Diet blends the science of Metabolic Typing® with Real Food.

Metabolic Typing® is the only eating method I have found that is scientifically shown to take into account YOUR unique metabolism.

Without identifying and understanding one’s Metabolic Type®, predictable, reliably effective food selection is not possible. Any success of a therapeutic protocol or any diet for that matter, is due to chance, not scientific, objective predictability.

It’s also not just about food! There are many variables contributing to unwanted weight. These include, genetics, blood sugar management, microbiome composition, toxin exposure, exercise habits, hormone imbalances, digestive function, etc.

By the way, current research places the blame for unwanted weight on genetics at a measly 3%.

While eating the appropriate food may not be the only tool you need to regain your health, it is the most important and the best place to start. So, if you are following YOUR perfect diet, and not getting the expected results, you need to look below the surface as something is being missed.

FDN® Functional Health Coaching offers the answer. Functional lab testing provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of metabolic pathways, including HPA Axis, digestion, detoxification, elimination, hormones, immune function, energy production etc. In combination with the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Program, we take advantage of healing opportunities with lifestyle and behavior modification.

YOU can create a metabolically healthy and vital body that has no reason to hold onto excess unwanted weight.

The role of stress was alluded to, but not emphasized. Acute and chronic exposure to stress can and will overwhelm YOUR body’s natural defenses.

Survival becomes the priority. Lesser metabolic functions are sacrificed altering overall function. This is called Metabolic Chaos™ and manifests outwardly as symptoms or, if left unattended long enough, a diagnosis.

Unwanted weight is a common manifestation of this Metabolic Chaos™.

FDN® Functional Health Coaching as designed reduces overall stress loads on the body while strengthening natural stress defenses.

Also mentioned, but not really discussed is Mental/Emotional health. This lays the groundwork for our lifestyle choices and behavior or, how we interact with people, places and things including ourselves. If you are dealing with mental fragility, or lacking the proper motivation and confidence, the odds of success short term much less long term is not in your favor.

In Conclusion: Is there HOPE?

Of course! If there is one thing I have learned is that the human body is capable of amazing things.

When you give it what it needs and eliminate or greatly reduce those things that get in the way, the body can literally rebuilding itself, or in this case, eliminate naturally, unwanted weight.

Maintain the Right Perspective! Don’t focus only on the unwanted weight. Focus on building health & vitality and living life. Unwanted weight is a symptom, not the problem!

Don’t Give Up! Don’t allow the stress of past “failures” to stop you from searching for solutions. Being truly healthy is a process, one hindered by hurdles and blocking factors. No one said living was easy, much less healthy living!

If your body is truly healthy, managing your weight will not be a challenge.

Your Perfect Diet answers the question of what and how should I eat.

FDN® Functional Health Coaching expands on that by investigating HIDDEN stressors and taking advantage of healing opportunities.

If YOUR as motivated to change lifestyle and behavior to achieve health, vitality and a body to cherish, as I am in seeing that happen, then you have come to the right place.

I encourage you to investigate these topics more and consider that you can bring me on board as part of your personal health team.

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