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Butter vs. Margarine

Let’s call this comparison something more accurate. How about Food vs. Non-Food! In spite of all the marketing that promotes margarine and even vegetable shortening not only as food but as a healthy choice or option, the reality is that margarine is not a food at all, In fact, it can’t build health much less… Continue reading Butter vs. Margarine


The Guide to Cooking Oils/Fats

It is hard to cook food without fat and it is even less enjoyable from a taste perspective. Not all fats/oils are the same. They each have their own unique qualities, and if understood and applied appropriately they will not only add to the taste of the food, but make the cooking process go more… Continue reading The Guide to Cooking Oils/Fats

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Chaga Tea Health Benefits

Herbal teas are very popular and if you drink a quality product they have medicinal properties. Relatively unknown in the states is Chaga tea. Chaga is not a plant, it is a fungus (Ononotus obliquus) that grows on birch trees in cold regions such as Siberia, northern Canada and Alaska. Traditional Uses: Throughout much of… Continue reading Chaga Tea Health Benefits