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Walk Your Way To Health

Walking Meme

One of the secrets to Looking & Feeling Your Best is Walking. You may be wondering, can it be this simple? In many ways yes!

Sitting is a huge catalyst or trigger for any number of health challenges. While we have the ability to sit, it doesn’t mean it’s good for us or that we should be doing so for long periods of time.

Sitting places the body in a modified fetal position which triggers a cascade of stressors. When you take into account how much time people spend sleeping in that position, working, driving, relaxing at home even exercising on ineffective costly machines it’s no wonder we as a population are in such a health mess.

Most Americans spend well over half their day in some variation of a sitting position, essentially closing ourselves off from that which surrounds us.

Is it any wonder then that we have difficulty engaging in such a simple activity as walking which requires us to open ourselves up by extending the body, especially the thoracic spine and hips.

If we spend so much time physically closed should we be surprised that our minds may be equally closed? Everything in the body is connected.

Walking on the other hand, especially in nature, not only opens our body but also our mind and our soul. Walking allows us to participate in and become an integral part of nature. Don’t just observe nature from a distance.

If you are at a crossroads in life or merely trying to solve a daily problem, go for a walk. Observe and interact with the natural environment surrounding you. More often than not the much needed answer or insight will manifest. Of course there is no guarantee you will listen, much less act upon this new found knowledge. That is a separate yet important topic we will save for another day.

Modern society has programed us to follow its lead, to do what is easiest, what others we have empowered and place in charge of us wish. More often than not, this destructive pattern of following is not in our best interest. Stop the cycle. Start by placing one foot in front of the other. Unlike the popular quote….

Don’t take the path of less travelled, blaze your own trail!

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