Animal Food Hierarchy

If you want to Look & Feel Your Best. If you want to manifest your health potential. You have take nutrition seriously. Optimal nutrition comes from feeding your body real whole food that’s appropriate for your metabolism, was raised or grown the way nature intended and manipulated as little as possible.

Does the source of animal foods in your diet really matter? If you consider my last two posts Lifestyle Matters – Chicken & Nutrient Density and Chickens, Health & Lifestyle, it’s not a question. Lifestyle Matters, not just for you but also every other living organism.

It’s incredibly important to know not just where you food comes from but also how it was grown or raised. If you don’t know your farmer, you won’t truly know your food’s history and story. You then have no choice but to assume, and we all know what happens when we assume. Can you afford to assume that your food providers have your best interest in mind? Would you not feel better if you knew the truth?

Animal Hierarchy MemeThis chart is a guide to finding the best quality, most nutrient dense animal products. Regardless of what a label may say, it’s always a good idea to ask questions. When it comes to marketing, labels are designed to offer an impression or an image which is often far from the truth and reality.

When you think of beef, do you picture in your mind a cow wandering on pasture eating from nature’s salad bar of grasses? When you think of poultry do you think of chickens in a grass field pecking at the grass and soil? When you think of salmon do you think of a boat with a fisherman reeling in the big one? This is your impression, but what’s the reality?

Most animal products produced and sold originate in CAFO environments, that is Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations. This is called monoculture where only one product is produced. Monoculture does not exist in nature. Monoculture and CAFOs have one objective, that is to maximize profits. CAFOs are the equivalent of a factory producing widgets, as fast and as cheaply as possible.

More fish consumed every year are being raised in a similar fashion, in large enclosed cages suspended in the water where thousands or tens of thousands of the same fish are bunched together with very little room to move being fed an unnatural food-like manufactured product.

While CAFOs are the extreme, there are many variables available between what you perceive and what is reality. Ask questions, investigate and research. Make an educated choice that not only benefits you but also is inline with your values. You may even discover previously hidden core values as they relate to you and food!

If you are not sure where to start, I would suggest checking out your local farmer’s market. Ask the people behind the table questions. A real farmer loves what they do and will gladly talk to you about it. You may even find yourself visiting the farm, if you are so inclined.

If you don’t have a local market or not sure how to find one, try visiting these two websites; and It is more than likely that they will point you in the right direction. They are also excellent sources when you find yourself traveling and wish to continue nourishing your body and mind with real quality food.

Don’t empower others. Empower yourself. Take control and make the necessary choices that will allow you to Look & Feel Your Best!

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