Lifestyle Matters – Chickens & Nutrient Density

Lifestyle Matters - Chicken Eggs Meme smNo matter what you do, you can’t achieve true health without optimal functioning cells. The cells that make up the tissue, glands, organs and complex systems which drive the metabolic pathways require nutrition along with other factors. Without the proper nutrition relative to your unique metabolic needs true health is not possible.

This visual demonstrates how all food is not the same. Lifestyle Matters! Lifestyle has an impact upon the food itself and upon you when consumed. Mother Earth News magazine, in 2007 collected egg samples from a variety of readers that raised chickens in a manner congruent with nature. They compared the results with your typical store bought factory farmed (CAFO – Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) eggs.

There is a definite, statistically significant, difference in nutrient density. You may pay more for a local, healthy, happy chicken egg, but you get more and that “more” is worth it. This is why I encourage everyone to know their farmer. Understand not just where your food comes from but also how it is grown, raised and even repackaged.

Your local farmer’s market is a great place to get started. You can also visit websites such as and to sicker real food providers close to you and during your travels.

Eat local. Eat fresh. Eat in-season. Talk to your farmer, ask questions. Empower and educate yourself. Make better choices and turn challenges into opportunities, then take advantage of those opportunities.

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