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Chicken Meals MemeDoes it matter what a chicken eats? It makes a world of difference and most people never give it a thought much less ask the question.

Chickens were meant to play on pasture eating from nature’s all you can eat buffet; bugs, insects, worms, slugs, maggots, plants and seeds, etc. Being outside, in nature consuming what nature provides will make a chicken healthy and allow them to display their “chickeness” in all its glory.

Is this how your chickens live? If you can’t quickly say “Yes!” then the odds are, your chicken comes from a CAFO or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation. Think of a factory where instead of producing widgets, they produce chickens and the feelings of the chicken are far removed from this equation. Yummy!!!

What your chicken eats is condensed into their cells which make up the tissue, glands and organs of their beautiful tasty bodies. This in turn is what you eat and consume. The state of the chicken’s health will have a direct impact upon your health. You can’t get health from an unhealthy animal or plant. Would you rather consume what nature intended or would you prefer what science feels is best, not for you but company’s bottom line?

  • Genetically engineered (GE) corn and soybeans
  • Antibiotics (to fight infection)
  • Hormones (to promote growth)
  • Arsenic (to reduce infections and makes the flesh a more appetizing color of pink)
  • Feather Meal (a poultry byproduct containing feathers used as fertilizer and as an additive to feed for chickens, pigs, fish and cattle. Feather meal in studies have been found to contain ca banned class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolone. This antibiotic is illegal in poultry production as it can breed antibiotic resistant superbugs. Also found is antihistamines, an active ingredient in Benadryl, Acetaminophen, active ingredient in Tylenol and samples from China contained an anti-depressant that is an active ingredient in Prozac. Also found is caffeine from coffee pulp and green tea powder to keep them awake and eating more)
  • Distiller’s Grain (a by-product of ethanol production – waste not, want not)

I don’t know about you but I don’t feel comfortable feeding a chicken this cocktail of products much less consume that which was fed it. I don’t care that the FDA may have approved it or allows it. It’s not right and I personally won’t do it. I have to draw a line somewhere.

The reason antibiotics are proactively used in the first place is to combat the health problems caused by the CAFO lifestyle. What happens to humans when you pack them together in a small confined space with poor hygiene? Disease and death, why would we expect anything different in the animal kingdom!

There is no reason to NOT eat chicken (unless you have a food sensitivity, but that’s a different topic entirely), just make sure it is a healthy chicken. I know my farmer and I encourage you to know yours. Do some investigating and some research, ask questions and make an educated decision. Empire yourself, not others. If you are working to look and feel your best, your lifestyle matters and so does the lifestyle of that which provides your body with the nutrition and energy to function more optimally.

Change Your Lifestyle, Change Your Health


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