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How to Look & Feel Your Best

The Health vs. Disease Equation

In the last blog post, Obesity, Fear Mongering and Health I commented that you need to actively participate in the health building process. Plus, the more appropriate the lifestyle changes are to your unique biochemical individuality the greater the degree of success that can be expected. Now, I offer a very simple way to understand these concepts.

This is a formula I learned from Bill Wolcott, the founder of Metabolic Typing® as it relates to being healthy and ultimately looking and feeling your best over a long, functional and fruitful lifespan:

Health_vs_Disease_Equation_jpgEveryone is born with a Genetic Potential. This potential is based upon a key factor, the health of your parents at the time of conception and if you take into account epigenetics, their parents and their parents etc. Everything following that moment will influence your actual health from the time in utero through to the present. Some people are naturally born with a greater potential. They come from a “hardier” stock. Others are more prone to health issues. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about the potential, though there is much you can do to allow that potential, whatever it is, to manifest. I strongly encourage any couple that wants children to get themselves as healthy as they can prior to conception to give their offspring the best possible health opportunities.

Next we add Optimal Nutrition. Optimal nutrition is more than just eating real whole food. It’s supplying the body at a cellular level everything required to function optimally. As Roman philosopher Lucretius correctly said, “One man’s food is another man’s poison.” Due to biochemical individuality everyone, including yourself, has a perfect diet. Your optimal diet is based upon your genetically based nutrient requirements plus your current state of health.

Just as there is NO one whole for that is good for everyone, there is also NO one whole food that is bad for everyone. The same applies to any diet and eating belief philosophy. How can I prove this? Simple, observe the findings of Dr. Weston A Price the author of Nutrition & Physical Degeneration. Dr. Price studied traditional indigenous populations. while they suffered from colds, headaches, wounds, burns, accidents etc, they had NO cavities, NO emotional problems such as depression or anxiety, and NO degenerative diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease or diabetes). Dr. Price discovered robust health and long life from tremendously varied diets:

  • Swiss – raw, unpasteurized dairy, rye with little meat
  • Gaelic Fisherman (Scotland) – seafood, oats, no dairy
  • Eskimo (Inuit) – 100% animal and seafood
  • Maori (New Zealand) – seafood, fatty pork, plants, coconut, fruit
  • Masai (Kenya) – no plant foods, beef, raw milk, organ meats
  • Bantu (South Africa) – beans, squash, corn, millet, vegetables, fruit, some raw milk, some meat
  • Dinkas (Sudan) – grains, fish, some meat, vegetables, fruit
  • Hunter-Gatherers in North and South America – variety of game animals, legumes, tubers, grains, vegetables, fruit

This is what Metabolic Typing® is all about, discovering what your body nutritionally requires due to how it breaks down and utilizes food to fuel metabolic pathways. What you eat really matters. It is that important.

Then we add “All the Right Things.” By “all the right things” I am referring to the environment in which you live and the lifestyle choices you make within that environment. Or, more simply put, how you interact with people, places and things including yourself. These areas all fall under the general health building principles I coach in my D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Lifestyle Grounding Program where we focus on Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplements.

From the sum of your potential, nutrition and right things we have to remove a few things.

We can start by removing the effects of Time and Aging. From the moment we are born our body develops and matures. From that point onward there is a decrease or loss of metabolic function that manifests as aging and is compounded by time being alive. Death is the only inevitable outcome of living. There is no point worrying about it as you can’t change it. All you can do is postpone it and maximize your independence within that timeframe. The way you do so, is by understanding this formula and executing it to the best of your ability.

We then remove the effects of Stress. We can’t eliminate stress as living itself is stressful. The question is how much stress are we under day to day, but also throughout your life up to this point and what degree of that stress is seen as distressing (negative) versus eustress (positive). The primary sources of stress are Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual in origin. Experiencing amounts of stress beyond your body’s ability to adapt to or resolve stress will detract from this formula to a greater degree.

We also have to consider “Blocking Factors.” Blocking factors can be seen as things beyond your ability to control including environmental toxins and pollutants, heavy metal exposure, increased levels of radiation in the environment, weather patterns, etc. In the scheme of things, while we can contribute to making blocking factors worse, most are outside our scope of control directly. It is not to say you can’t do things to minimize the risk, but you can’t eliminate the risk.

Lastly we have “All the Wrong Things.” As you probably can guess, “all the wrong things” are related to how you interact with people, places and things including yourself on a daily basis. You have tremendous control in this area. The challenge is that you often will have to fly in direct opposition to or at least away from just about everything that modern society is selling. Modern society and the advances that come with it are not designed to make us healthy, they are designed to generate $$$. Without mindfulness, presence and understanding of the situation, you will lose.

After tabulating the results you will end up with Your State of Health or Disease. There are specific reasons why you look and feel the way you do. It is not genetically based, at least very little of it is. It is not pre-determined, if it were there is no logical reason to resist. Plus, you know deep down in your soul that you can change, you can look and feel better. This formula helps explain the variables and process.

What I offer is perspective, an opportunity to discover how these variables are coming together and more importantly how you can change them and ultimately the end result or outcome. No one ever said life is easy. Then again, if you are going to be alive it is always best to live it to your greatest potential.

My last comment is that your health, like the climate is always changing. It is absurd to even expect to keep it still. How you interact with people, places and things will either contribute to your health or detract from your health. The choice is yours and the time to change is now.


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