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Obesity, Fear Mongering & Health

Bang Head HereIts 2016 and we’re starting to see statistics and studies abut the state of health in America.

  • According to a Harvard University researcher, obesity is reversing decades of steady lengthening of the American lifespan.
  • In the first nine months of 2015, more Americans of all ages died of obesity related diseases compared to the same period of time in 2014. This is from David S. Ludwig an obesity-prevention specialist (whatever that is) as Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School
  • In 2015 deaths from stroke increased 4 percent, deaths from chronic liver disease is up 3 percent, deaths attributed to heart disease and diabetes rose 1 percent each, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    Alzheimer’s disease deaths, which has been “correlated” to midlife obesity rose 19 percent.

Ludwig writes, “The new rates potentially signal a looming social and economic catastrophe that demands a comprehensive national strategy.” Ludwig continues in regards to the CDC data; “suggest that a tipping point has been reached beyond which technological advances no longer compensate.” “It’s probably been underway for years.” To clarify, what appears to be said is that no pills, no available procedures and no life prolonging improvements in medical care or public health measures are likely to compensate for the life shortening effects of obesity now occurring. Modern medicine and technology is insufficient to combat the effects of obesity.

In a “Viewpoint” article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Ludwig wrote that the US government “must ante up the research funds to undergird better advice to Americans.” It gets better. Ludwig continues, “meanwhile, the food and beverage industry offers its views on maintaining and losing weight, while lobbying against sensible regulations….such as taxing sugar-sweetened beverages and limiting advertisements that entreats children to demand demonstrably unhealthy products.” This last part is rather humorous. You can’t tax someone into healthy choices. It also sounds like he said that we must not allow the food / beverage industry to target our youth with ads, but it is fine to target adults with ads for dangerous and deadly pharmaceuticals. This makes no logical sense whatsoever. If children are consuming anything less than real whole food it is the parents fault, not the child’s, not the advertisers.

Mentioned is a “social and economic catastrophe” and that current “technological advances” and I assume that includes pharmacological agents, can “no longer compensate” for the trend of decreasing health. Essentially, this is two things, fear mongering and a plea for more money.

First you have to create an atmosphere of concern or fear that a problem exists which the “experts,” western medicine, no longer have a solution to. Without a solution, it is all doom and gloom. Considering that $900 million dollars was spent in 2015 alone on research according to the National Institute for Health, you would think that if we can’t come up with a solution or at least a plan, then maybe we have to change our perspective. Maybe our approach is wrong. Seems reasonable. If you are unsure of the fear mongering I mentioned, think of it along these lines. This approach is very similar to the current “war on terror” propaganda we have been subjected to over the past 15 years. Has it made anyone safer? How much has it cost? Who has benefited? Who has suffered?And lastly, is the official story, even the truth?

Ludwig believes more government funding is needed to create new technologies to combat the problem. Seriously, more money is rarely if ever the solution especially at these amounts. If you can’t figure out why people are unhealthy and how to reverse it, while spending almost a $1 billion dollars annually, you have a serious problem in scientific method or a very successful con going on.

While Ludwig offers his perspective, I am not sure who else he may be speaking for. I will say that the stats, if accurate, at a minimum should alarm you. Why? Because you or someone you love will most likely become one of the statistics. The odds are not in your favor.

The problem is legitimate, the solution we are being offered is a scam. In spite of all the money, all the technology and resources, we are now being told it is a losing battle and we have to invest more money. Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would believe this. I can tell you right now what the problem is. Unfortunately, the population at large has been successfully programed to believe the solution comes from empowering others. This makes no sense. These businesses, while they may have begun with an altruistic purpose are merely looking to maximize profits. They are no different than any other corporation or bank. They can’t continue to make this kind of money from healthy people.

Obesity and all its related challenges along with practically every other disease state is a teacher. A teacher’s job is, or should be, to educate students. To create free thinking creative imaginative individuals that can look out for their own wellbeing. In this case health. The lesson that your health challenges are trying to teach is that you are living a lifestyle that is out of balance with what your body requires to be healthy and in turn look and feel its best. There is a disconnect between what we believe we should be doing and what our body actually requires.

Let me use an example. There are many dietary approaches, all claiming to be the right one; Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Mediterranean, etc. Ask yourself this; Do you eat to fuel your body or do you eat based upon some internal belief system in spite of what your body is attempting to communicate with you? It is an interesting question and if most people are honest with themselves they will find that how they eat is based upon a belief system learned from an outside source and very often is in opposition to what their body actually needs. Yet they will continue and justify this dilemma away. To some groups, their belief in how they and in fact everyone should eat has become a religion just as science has become a religion and it is “wrong” to question it.

Let’s make this simple. Your current state of health, how you look and how you feel is the culmination of the environment in which you live and the lifestyle choices you make within that environment. In other words, your health is directly related to how you interact with people, places and things, including yourself. If you are not happy with your current health then you have to make changes. You have to actively participate in the process. Empowering others will not work. The only question, is what changes are most appropriate? Using a dysfunctional, unhealthy society as a measuring stick for appropriate behavior is not going to end well.

This idea of appropriateness is an area where I excel as an FDN® Practitioner. Why this is so important is because of biochemical individuality. While everyone has essentially the same body parts, those parts have unique levels of functional capacity and potential. How these parts interact and behave relative to anyone else in a similar situation can be and is almost expected to be different. This is why most western protocols or any particular supplement, food, program etc., only work for some people some of the time.

Everyone can benefit from basic foundational changes that I coach in my D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Lifestyle Grounding Program. Where the real progress is made in in the functional lab testing and understanding what they say in regards to your unique situation and then taking advantage of the healing opportunities that present themselves.

If you have the right information, the right perspective and motivation to participate in the healing process the possibilities are endless. You can and deserve to look and feel your best and no longer be a statistic.

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