Make 2016 a Successful Year of Change

Butterfly_Adult_Emerging_Chrysalis_all_stepsSince it is that time of year, I would like to offer some thoughts on the new year’s resolution. For most people the overall failure rate is roughly 93%. Yes, a 93% failure rate. With odds that bad, why bother……

It’s like playing the lottery, while the odds are far from in your favor, if you don’t play you won’t win. If you don’t make a resolution and at the very least try to accomplish it, then 2016 will most likely be just like 2015 or even worse. Considering the odds, what can you do to improve them. First, create a better goal!

What Makes a Successful Health Goal? The following are some thoughts I offer up for your consideration when you begin working on your health goals so that you can be part of the 7%.

No one accidentally gets healthy! Think about it. Creating, much less being healthy requires active participation. In spite of being bombarded with carpet bomb marketing campaigns, there is nothing you can purchase; no product, no pill, no formula or magic fairy dust that will resolve your health challenges and create a healthy you.

Over time everything degrades, breaks down and ultimately dies. You can’t hide from this natural law. While you can’t prevent the inevitability of death, you can greatly improve your quality of life and push back the effects of aging allowing yourself the opportunity to take advantage of everything life offers.

There is no good reason to accept anything less. You were born with a health potential and health birthright. No one has the right to take your health away unless you allow it. How successfully you manifest this potential depends upon the environment in which you were conceived (a nod to epigenetics) the environment you live in and the lifestyle choices you make within that environment.

Think about this, if you have a goal, regardless of what it is, you have to change your behavior. If you did not have too, then it is not a goal as it would have happened anyway.

We know that behavioral change can be challenging, difficult and even frustrating. If you are going to go through the trouble you want it to be done right, you want a plan that not only makes sense, logically, but also is customized for your specific situation and needs. A one size fits all approach rarely works in the long run for anyone. This is why I offer and coach the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Lifestyle Grounding Program. It is why I have clients fill out comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaires. It is why I use functional lab testing. It is why I spend time listening to and also educating clients, to empower them to take control, make the choices and trust their innate inner wisdom and ability to heal.

To become part of the 7%, a successful goal requires a few components:

Self Love: Your goal has to made by yourself, for yourself. Not because it is trendy, popular or hip. Not because your doctor told you or you feel it is expected of you. You are doing it because you love yourself and know in your heart that you deserve to be healthy, full of energy, vitality and functionally fit.

Be True to Self (core values): A worthy goal is one aligned with your core values. Why? Because when you are out of alignment your body is not only extremely talented in recognizing the imbalance but also in communicating it with you. The question is how loudly does your body have to talk before you start listening?

Acts as Your North Star: Your goal has to be something you cherish or love bad enough that nothing will get in your way. Your goal will act as your guiding light, your “North Star” keeping you on your path, heading in the right direction regardless of the obstacles you come upon.

Your Path Is True: Once you have the above items in place you can begin to map out your path. While the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, a straight line is not always the ideal path for you when you take into account your lifestyle and abilities. Your map is also not written in stone. Course corrections are expected. As you travel, your health changes and your abilities change and so will the choices you are able to make. You will change how you interact with people, places and things. The key is keeping your eye on the destination, the “North Star.”

No one said life in easy. Then again would an easy life be worth living if you did not have to discover the reason you chose to be here in the first place? You as well as everyone else has a purpose, something to accomplish which will in some way (small or large) improve humanity. An unhealthy vessel will make this path of discovery and fulfillment much more challenging than it needs to be.

If you are having a difficult time discovering your North Star, maybe I can offer some assistance. If I can help you discover and meet your goals, then I have moved one more step closer to meeting mine. Open yourself up to possibilities, sow the seeds of health and reap the rewards.

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