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The WHO, Bacon & Cancer

Snow PigThe World Health Organization (WHO) recently concluded that bacon and other processed meats are carcinogens placed within the same category as smoking and asbestos exposure. So bacon must be really bad considering that smoking 3 cigarettes a day increases your risk of cancer by 500 percent.

Eating two slices of bacon a day increases the risk of colorectal cancer by a whopping 18 percent! Colorectal cancer accounts for 5% of all cancers, that means bacon increases your risk to 6% assuming you get cancer. Not so impressive sounding now, is it? Of course they don’t mention the health of pig or what method is used to make the bacon; smoked, brined then smoked or using chemical smoke agents, preservatives, natural or unnatural nitrates and nitrites, etc. Surprisingly, it makes a difference.

Cancer is a major health concern. According to Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center, in the Greater Delaware Valley (15 counties), almost 45,000 residents are expected to be diagnosed with cancer this year. Of them, almost 16,000 will die. How many die from cancer versus the treatment is an entirely different and I would say, more important topic.

What are the “official” cancer risk factors?

Tobacco Use – 33%
Obesity/Overweight – 20%
Pathogens – 16%
Unknown – 5%
Physical Activity – 5%
Diet: 5%
Occupational Exposures – 5%
Alcohol – 3%
Reproductive Factors – 3%
Ultraviolet Light / Ionizing Radiation Exposure – 2%
Environmental Pollutants – 2%
Prescription Drugs – 1%

Here are my thoughts on the risk factors.

Being overweight or obese is not in itself the problem, it is a symptom of the problem. The risk is not directly due to weight. The risk is from Metabolic Chaos™, the lose of biochemical balance and metabolic function that allows the cancer to “manifest.” Why is the body no longer able to keep the cancer cells already present in everyone under control?

Pathogens get a whopping 16% yet nowhere does the media or the healthcare system talk about it. There are pathogenic infections which have been correlated to trigger cancer as well as auto-immune conditions and many other dis-ease states. Do cancer patients get tested for pathogens or given protocols to eradicate the pathogens, heal the gut damage and balance out the micro biome? Of course not! That would make sense. Ignore the cause, treat the symptom….it is the American way!

Physical activity is touted as a great thing for cancer patients, it is if appropriate. If you have cancer you are unhealthy. You are in state of severe Metabolic Chaos™. Overtraining is then easy when unhealthy and will worsen the situation. Appropriate exercise may be as simple as taking a walk outside. That simple walk will help calm/balance the central nervous system, aid digestion, and allow for grounding from being in nature.

Diet is so much more than 5%. The quality and appropriateness of your diet will fuel all aspects of the healing process. You can’t get healthy while malnourished. Nothing can make up for the wrong diet for your unique metabolic requirements. Individuals have healed themselves of chronic disease (which cancer is) by consuming a vegan diet, a carnivorous diet or a combination in between. The key is to match the diet to your Metabolic Type™.

Environmental Toxins, Pollutants and Heavy Metals play a much greater role than portrayed. Of the 85,000 + chemicals created since the early 1900’s many are carcinogenic. Every one, being unnatural is a stressor to the detoxification system and every other metabolic function connected to it (practically all). Cancer research requires test animals. We know what is needed to elicit any type of cancer required, yet we can’t appear to make the correlation that they may have a similar effect on humans. Is that such a big leap? Why hide the knowledge?

Alcohol offers very little benefit to health building. It’s hard on the liver and detoxification pathways. A congested liver, not even a diseased liver will compromise many if not all of its 400+ unique metabolic functions.

Reproductive Factors is interesting. Whether you have or don’t have children has an impact on cancer risk. Otherwise, the reproductive system risk based upon an intimate every changing balance of sex hormones. Balanced hormones requires a very healthy and functional Hypothalamus – Pituitary – Adrenal Axis. This requires a very effective metabolic ability to adapt to, defend against and resolve the effects of stress. Living today places all of us under intense levels of chronic stress, don’t kid yourself by believing you are different from everyone else. We are all human with the same defensive mechanisms. How compromised are your defenses?

Prescription Drugs, like Toxins and Pollutants are foreign to the body. Drugs are designed to suppress metabolic function, the opposite of health building. They also place great stress on the liver. One function is to detoxify foreign substances such as pharmaceuticals. While drugs may offer relief for a specific symptom(s), they trigger or amplify others, which may be worse than the original complaint. While drugs may offer short term gains, what are the long term effects, are they worth it? Outside of sure death, it is a valid question.

Something is missing, genetics. Genetics are most likely no more than 5% of the cancer formula. When we see cancer or any dis-ease running in families, we are seeing the manifestation of a propensity or predisposition. If all the wrong variables come into play (those revolving around the environment you live in and the lifestyle choices made within that environment), then cancer is born due to how your body is hardwired. In some families it may manifest as an auto-immune condition, mental fragility, cardiovascular disease, etc. Regardless, any dis-ease is a sign of Metabolic Chaos™. Another aspect is that health issues often pass from generation to generation, not just because of predispositions and DNA damage but because of learned behaviors. We interact with people, places and things in a manner similar to our parents because we learn from them. If they have cancer, the offspring often will, because they live essentially the same lifestyle creating the same outcome.

Last thought. There are ridiculous amounts of money being “invested” in cancer research. The reason is that there is a ridiculous sum of money being made “treating” cancer. I tried online searches. The best I could find was that in 2010 U.S. cancer costs were roughly $158 billion and projected to top $200 billion by 2020. That is a lot of money on something that was practically nonexistent 100 years ago. Should we ask “why” it was non-existent and learn from that?

I will dare to say that we will never find a “cure” for cancer. There are too many variables. The time, energy and resources should be spent in prevention and education. A paradigm shift in healthcare would be required. I am confident that if we focused on “corrective care” as opposed to “relief care” and the “management” of symptoms we could very easily produce a generation that will not have worse health than their parents unlike the current trend.

I will not hold my breath for that day, rather I will continue with what I do as an FDN – Practitioner. I up coach health, function and vitality while coaching down all stressors and biochemical imbalances (Metabolic Chaos™). Just trying to do my part…..

Here is to finding you outside the proverbial box making true health building progress!

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