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Supplementation: One Pillar of Health Building

Cellular malfunction is at the root of all health challenges. The cause of this dysfunction or Metabolic Chaos™ is from exposure to chronic and acute bouts of stress resulting in our body losing the ability to defend against and resolve stress.

The D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Lifestyle Program that I coach as a FDN® Practitioner addresses this chaos naturally by up-coaching vitality and function while at the same time down-coaching stressors. Essentially, giving the body what it needs to begin healing while at the same time remove or minimize everything that gets in the way or impedes the healing process, then stand back and allow the body to do what is has been designed to do….be healthy.

As part of this program, Diet is one of the root pillars of health, arguably the most important pillar. No matter what you do, if the cells that make up the tissue, glands, organs and complex systems are malnourished, for any reason, they will not be capable of functioning at anywhere near optimal levels. Dysfunctional cells means less functional tissue, glands, organs and systems and everything else which will manifest outwardly.

What you may not realize is that the body requires a lot of nutrition to function well. At the same time, a health challenged body realistically requires even more. Not only do you need to supply the daily nutrient requirements but you also want an excess to start replenishing the reserves which have been depleted over time as you worked at defending against the physical, mental/emotional, spiritual, environmental, nutritional and chemicals stressors we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

Over the past 75 years there has been a revolution in the food industry. It used to be that you either grew, raised or hunted the food you consumed or you knew the person(s) that did. Today it is the entire opposite. We have been disconnected from our food, not only where it comes from but what it is. Many people actually believe that just because it is sold in a “grocery store” it is food and can sustain health. The reality is that food production has become a manufacturing process in an attempt to maximize profits, increase share value while enticing you to repeatedly purchase and consume their offerings. The health or nutritional value is an afterthought. As long as it meets the poor standards of the USDA and FDA, etc., it is more than acceptable.

Monoculture (farming one crop only, year after year), CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) which is most likely over 90% of all animal as food production, and the market for convenience and low price has greatly diminished the health building qualities of the food most of us consume. It is more important now then ever to know your farmer(s). Even with true organic and biodynamic farming methods, even with the most friendly and humane animal/poultry raising practices there exists a nutritional gap between what our body’s need to be healthy and what can realistically be acquired by food alone.

No one accidentally gets healthy. If you are not proactively working to acquire health what you will experience is a loss of health.

It is believed that we should be able, as a species to live roughly 120 years of a functional life dying from natural causes (not from a disease). It is not happening, the primary reasons are that the world is toxic and getting worse, our westernized lifestyle is insanely stressful and our diets in general are woefully inadequate. Our cells do not have the capacity to function long enough and optimally enough to reach 120 years, or even 80 years in most cases. Think about that. Most people miss out on roughly 33+% of their potential lives because we don’t know how to be healthy, full of energy, vitality and physical functionality.

I know, this sounds like another rant of mine, but I am serious. We are missing out on so much living because we have lost our way when it comes to health. I won’t stand for it. Personally I am doing what I can to extend my life and the quality of that life and be an example of what is possible. At least that is my goal. If I can assist others in their journey as they experience their time on earth in the fullest, then even better.

West Price & BookI have mentioned this individual in the past but he deserves being mentioned again. Dr. Weston A. Price travelled the world in the 1930’s investigating the health of populations that had minimal if any exposure to modern foods (sugar, processed flour, canned foods etc.). What he discovered is that these healthy groups consumed diets containing up to 10 times the fat soluble vitamins then were being consumed in any western civilization at that time. Dr. Price wrote about this adventure in the virtually unknown and suppressed book “Nutrition & Physical Degeneration.” This information should be mandatory for everyone in school especially if you are in anything related to the healthcare fields.

When we look at Dr. Price’s findings, every culture he investigated was significantly healthier than any western or developed country. While the food consumed was real, whole and more nutrient dense the other noticeable difference was that their lifestyle was much more conducive to healing, repair, recovery rather than breaking down and struggling to maintain balance. Regardless, there is currently a nutritional gap present. The trick is how to meet the body’s nutritional requirements without consuming massive amounts of food. The intelligent use of supplements is a way to bridge that nutritional gap.

As an FDN® Practitioner I do make supplement recommendations. I do so based off of intake forms (healthy history, lifestyle assessment and goals) plus the results of functional lab work designed to give great insight into the inner working of the body systems as the function relates to the individual. I don’t treat the symptom, the disease or the lab results. I treat and work with the person, the unique individual, that is a big difference and also what allows for greater success.

Lifestyle Grounding Program ESSENTIALS V3 jpgThe intelligent us of supplementation, as part of the D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Lifestyle Grounding Program fill three basic functions:

Substitution – These supplements replace something that is currently missing in the body or lacking in production. An example mightinclude HCL or digestive enzymes.

Stimulation – These supplements stimulate organs, glands and systems in the body to do their jobs. Examples might include vitamins and minerals

Support – An important function, not to be overlooked. These are short term aids to the body while function is being restored. One example is adrenal glandular supplements which help the body respond to stress.

Supplements on their own may offer temporary relief care. They may also offer nothing if they are not filling a specific gap or need. They may also make some individual’s challenges worse. Rarely does someone not feel anything as we are altering variables of health. In a minority of the time they may feel worse which is why it is important to work with someone who can help navigate and make course corrections.

The real test of health building, with regards to supplements is if you can remove or reduce the supplements and still maintain the increased level of function, then you have truly regained health. It is possible due to the degree of damage or harm done that certain “substitution” products may be need for long period of time, but that is honestly in the minority.

I hope this makes sense, answers some questions and may actually cause the formation of a few new questions as you consider your current supplement regimen or consider starting one for the first time.

As always, I am available if you have questions or wish to learn just how I can become part of your health building team.

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