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Weight Management and Your Microbiome

What follows is information, plus my thoughts (italics and underlined) from a presentation that Kiran Krishna presented at “The Metabolism & Weight Loss Summit” that took place in early October ‘15. Kiran is scientist at MegaSporeBiotic and was discussing “Weight Management & Your Microbiome.” Obesity and the difficulty losing unwanted weight is becoming, actually has… Continue reading Weight Management and Your Microbiome

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Supplementation: One Pillar of Health Building

Cellular malfunction is at the root of all health challenges. The cause of this dysfunction or Metabolic Chaos™ is from exposure to chronic and acute bouts of stress resulting in our body losing the ability to defend against and resolve stress. The D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success® Lifestyle Program that I coach as a FDN® Practitioner addresses… Continue reading Supplementation: One Pillar of Health Building