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When is it Time to Change………

  • The Time Is Now Clock65% of American adults are overweight or obese
  • Over 36% (78+ million) American adults Over 17% (12.5+ million) are considered obese (BMI over 30)
  • Over 17% (12.5+ million) American children and adolescents are considered obese (BMI over 30)
  • By 2030 42% of Americans are expected to be obese, not just overweight
  • 25% of Americans between 17-24 are too overweight to serve in the military
  • NIH (National Institute of Health) estimates up to 23.5 million Americans suffer from an autoimmune disease and the number is climbing
  • Alzheimer’s is the third leading cause of death in the US after heart disease and cancer
  • 26 million Americans have diabetes
  • 7 million Americans have diabetes and don’t realize it
  • 79 million Americans are pre-diabetic and may or may not realize it
  • 43 states over the past 15 years have seen diabetes increase by over 50%
  • 18 states over the past 15 years have seen diabetes increase over 100%
  • 1 in 3 children born in 2000 are expected to become diabetic
  • 1 of every 2 black or hispanic children born in 2000 are expected to become diabetic
  • According to the American cancer society the risk of developing cancer for men is 43.31% and 37.81% for women
  • The risk of dying from cancer is 22.83% for men and 19.26% for women

These statistics are mind-boggling. Over the past 100 years the health of this country has suffered tremendously. And there does not appear to be an end in sight.

I know why these health conditions are happening. It is not rocket science, it is not brain surgery, it is not genetics…….well maybe 5% of it is.

  • The environment in which we live is becoming more toxic every day.
  • The lifestyles we are living within this toxic environment are getting worse.
  • Our children are being born in a state of metabolic chaos with weakened and compromised function (this is why we see diseases happening in the young more frequently than in the past)
  • As a species, we humans have not been exposed to modern stressors long enough to develop the appropriate defenses. Unless functioning optimally, our overall function has no choice but to decrease as it gets overwhelmed

The craziest thing about all this is that we have the knowledge, we have the technology and the resources to change this. There is no reason to have these health problems at current epidemic levels.

The formula to resolving this health dilemma is rather simple:

  • Your body is designed to be healthy
  • On every level, in every cell your body knows what to do and how to do it properly
  • Your body needs all the right things in order to function optimally
  • Your body needs to get rid of all the wrong things that act as blocking factors to its normal innate function

Given this information, realize that your body is doing the best it can considering the environment that you live and the lifestyle choices made within that environment.

If you don’t like your current state of health, then you have to change the variables; the environment and your lifestyle choices.

There are challenges. We are bombarded by contradictory health information. Some information is outright wrong and is pushed by an agenda focused on $$$. Or, there is a strongly held belief system in place that is blind.

The key is biochemical individuality, which differentiates your metabolic function form others, otherwise you are essentially guessing.

For example, you and two friends go on the same gluten free diet to reduce abdominal inflammation and bloating. One of you has great results, one feels worse, the other has no change. Same diets, same foods, different results because of biochemical individuality.

This can be applied to any disease, health complaint or any medical or alternative protocol. Some people get desired results, some don’t and others get worse.

My purpose as a FDN® Practitioner, or “health detective” is to take your biochemical individuality into account and act as a resource on your health journey making recommendations and course corrections.

I use Functional Lab Testing to understand the underlying dysfunction at the root of the metabolic chaos. I then consider the your lifestyle and history to initiate change with the DRESS for Health Success® Lifestyle Grounding Program:

  • Diet
  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Stress Reduction
  • Supplements

“Grounding” brings us back to our roots, to get back in touch with nature which is lacking in our lives due to the distractions of technology and convenience.

Moving away from our roots, from real food and a symbiotic relationship with nature we continue to breakdown and suffer as an individual and a society.

Dr. Weston A. Price had it right when he said, “Life in all its fullness is mother nature obeyed.”

When will you change? Will you be proactive and strengthen your body’s natural defenses in preparation for what is happening, or will you be reactive waiting until you are forced into a decision?

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