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Don’t Be Distracted, Look Within…..

sign direction new life - old lifeWhat do I want? What’s really important? What will make me happy? What brings me joy? These are important questions. You might think it’s a better relationship, more money, a different job, new clothes, feeling more secure or receiving recognition for what you have accomplished.

Why do we want these things? Why do we feel this way? When we peer below the surface and to the root of it all, everybody is looking for the same thing.

The Dalia Lama said, “In the final analysis, everyone is looking for peace of mind.”

What’s interesting is not that everyone is looking for essentially the same thing, but that it is internal, it is an innate objective hardwired into us. We are looking for is an internal state of being. A state of consciousness. One that is more satisfying, more peaceful, more content than what you already have, or “think” you have.

Why haven’t I got it? We live in a culture of plenty. We have so much living in the most affluent prosperous culture in the world.

Are we any happier for it? The people of Kerala in southern india have been studied and been shown to be among the happiest people in the world yet their income is 1/50 of a U.S. citizen.

The answer is not what we have, but the way we see it. This key teaching has been repeated for thousands of years.

The greek philosopher Pittacus said it beautifully, “People are disturbed, not by things, but by the view they take of them.”

Our culture does not encourage us to see that we have all we need. We have water, food, housing, clothing, ease of travel and communication. We have not only what is required to survive but also to be happy.

We have all this, yet advertisers, marketers and governments want us to see the opposite. Their job is to make us feel dissatisfied. They want to breed unhappiness and suffering. They want us to be unhappy with what we have and instill the thought, “If only I had something more, I would be happier.”

If I had the right friends… If I had that new super food from some exotic location proven to get results… If I had the latest fad clothing or the more expensive car, or my phone was smarter and more intelligent, “Then…..I would be happy!”

normal_21They are very clever telling us that we can’t be happy until we get these things. They are very clever persuading us that we are actually inadequate and lacking. They are making us suffer. “If only you had the right thing, or did the right thing, found the right experience then you would finally find peace.”

What are we doing? We listen to them and believe them and continually go outside ourselves looking for something to fill this artificial void.

It is not having something that makes you happy. It is just a temporary cessation of wanting something.

Suppose you want a new outfit. You are feeling unhappy, a bit of discontent seeps in because you haven’t got it. Of course, you did not realize you needed it until you were told. Then you get it, and for a while you feel satisfied, content, maybe even happy. You feel happy not because of the acquisition of the clothing, but because for a time, you are no longer craving it. Eventually this feeling wears off, and the hole in your life returns. You start feeling a little dissatisfied, you start to suffer…again.

In our culture, we get addicted to things. Marketing keeps fueling that craving. It’s that craving that makes us suffer. Buddha said this two and half thousand years ago, “The wanting things to be different than they are is the source of suffering.”

What do you need right now to be happy? The answer is probably nothing. Nothing except to stop worrying about what you have or don’t have. Or how things could be different in the future.

Simply accept the present moment as it is. If you are not happy with the present moment, ask yourself, “Is there another way of seeing it?”

Stop and look at what you have in a different way. You can either look at it in a way that causes you to suffer, to feel unhappy. Or, you can look at it in a way and say, “I am content with this, this is an opportunity.”

Don’t fall for anyone telling you that you need to buy something or obtain something before you can be happy. Regardless of their skill at persuasion, stand up for the truth that we all know inside us, the wisdom that is there in our hearts and soul.

Not being content and happy with what you have, always worrying about what you don’t have, or what the neighbors have is a huge mental and emotional stress. A stress that can literally destroy your health from the inside. It will only add to the already present metabolic chaos that manifests outwardly as health problems from this lifestyle we have bought into.

Part of Your Health Solution is the reduction or elimination of the stressors in your life. The stressors that continually drain your vitality reserves and contributing to the metabolic chaos. As artist Bobby McFerrin sang back in 1988 “Don’t worry, be happy.”

Look at your life in another way.
                    Be present in the moment.
                                         Realize that you have what you need.
                                                               Your are perfect the way you are.

See the programming for what it is, let it go. Then you will make true progress and begin to live a life of health, energy, vitality and joy.

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