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Your Body Burden: A Root Cause of Disease

Body Burden EarthHave you considered why so many diseases that were once primarily diagnosed in adults and often older adults are becoming more common in young adults and children?

Have you considered how over the past century chronic health problems that were practically nonexistent have become epidemic in size and scope?

Just because health concerns have become common, does that mean they are normal and should be accepted as such?

One significant and major cause for these shifts in disease patterns and health problems is due to your “body burden”.

Over the past century we have seen the creation of and widespread use of over 80,000 chemicals. Over 3,000 of these are used at over one million pounds per year. Our environment is teeming with toxicity from substances and material that have never before been seen in nature. If you add in the heavy metals produced and released into the environment due to manufacturing and energy production we have a recipe for disaster.

These toxic chemicals and metals, man-made or natural that have permeated the environment have also been making their way into our bodies. They can be inhaled, swallowed in water or food, and absorbed through our skin.

The term “body burden” refers to the total amount of these toxins present in the body at any given time.

Many physicians argue that our body’s are perfectly suited to handle these contaminants through our detoxification pathways. Technically, that is true. This assumes that the pathways are functioning correctly and efficiently.

Therein lies the problem……making an assumption. Yes, our body’s are designed to remove toxic material. The material it is optimally suited for are those that we evolved with over hundreds and thousands of generations.

We have not had enough time to properly adapt to the toxic soup we live in. Not to say our body’s defensive pathways are incapable of handling them. The truth is that they need an awful lot of support and an incredibly healthy lifestyle to do so. It won’t happen by accident.

There is still one significant dilemma. What if we are born, already compromised. That is, we are born with not just dysfunctional detox pathways but practically every other metabolic function in the body including endocrine, neurological, digestive etc.

Considering the poor state of health that our children are manifesting, something is going on and their body burden may be the reason.

It used to be thought that the placenta shielded cord blood and the developing fetus from most pollutants, chemicals and toxins. This is not the case. Just when tissue, glands, organs and membranes are being created and knit together and at their most sensitive state, they are being bombarded by toxic exposure.

In August/September of 2004, the Environmental Working Group ( performed a study of umbilical cord blood from 10 babies born in U.S. hospitals.

At an expense of $10,000 per sample, the subject base had no choice but to be small as it was privately funded. Plus they could only test for a fraction of the toxins that are currently in use. Regardless, the results were startling:

  • The test revealed a total of 287 chemicals discovered within the group
  • The average number of chemicals per sample was 200

Do keep in mind that this contamination was in newborns before they ever took a breath. They had never seen the light of day and already their birth rite to be healthy had been compromised. Doesn’t seem fair does it!

Among the toxins, they found perfluorochemicals used as stain and oil repellants in fast food packaging, clothes and textiles. This included the Teflon chemical PFOA which is considered a likely human carcinogen by the EPA.

In addition they found dozens of widely used brominated flame retardants and their toxic by-products and numerous pesticides.

BodyBurdenOf the 287 chemicals detected:

  • 180 are known carcinogens in humans or animals
  • 217 are toxic to the brain and nervous system
  • 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.

Rarely are any of the 80,000+ chemicals tested for safety in adults, much less children. Prior to this study, no one really considered the impact on developing fetuses when they are at their most fragile state. We know what deficiencies in certain nutrients can cause in development. What is the impact of toxins which have been shown to alter or stop normal cell function. What are the consequences?

What are the possible outcomes of fetal toxicity:

  • Neurological symptoms and disorders (Alzheimers and Parkinsons)
  • Gut inflammation and increased mucosal permeability
  • Auto-immune diseases (Hashimoto’s and food sensitivities)
  • Digestive dysfunction (IBS)
  • Liver and Kidney disorder (major detox organs)

What you need to realize is that at the fetal state through early years of development, the detox pathways have not been fully developed. This also includes the mucosal barrier which is designed to keep “bad” things out of the body while allowing “good” things through.

What has also been shown is that when the mucosal barrier is compromised, so is the blood/brain barrier. Image the repercussions as heavy metals, environmental pollutants and chemicals floating through the bloodstream end up accumulating in fat tissue.

Body Burden Image

Remember, the brain is made largely of fat. Could the epidemic of learning disabilities, autism, and behavioral issues be the results of an elevated body burden?

When the burden in an infant/child is high, is it possible the toxic vaccine ingredients being given in ever greater amounts to irritate the immune system could trigger a tipping point in metabolic function that then manifests in a change in behavior and ability? Think about it…

Luckily, there are many options at all stages of life. The first step for any individual is to identify toxins in their environment and reduce their exposure. I did not say remove “all” exposure as that is physically impossible. Changes in lifestyle can greatly impact your natural defenses.

If you have any health complaints there is rather easy functional testing available that can discover what you have been exposed to. Knowing the specifics allows protocols to be implemented that specifically address the contaminant.

Some toxins can be very difficult to remove, especially aluminum. There are three stages of detoxification; activation, mobilization and elimination. Multiple metabolic functions are required. If any one is not working properly the entire detox process will ultimately fail. The last thing you want to do is redistribute the toxins because you could not fully eliminate them from your body.

If you are planning to have children, it may be worth the future health of your children for both parents to take a year or two and get yourself as healthy and metabolically functional as possible. Your health and vitality will greatly improve, getting pregnant will be easier (roughly 20% of couples have fertility challenges), going full term will be more likely, recovering from the birthing process will be easier and the health potential of the child will be vastly increased.

If you wish to discuss how chemical toxins, environmental pollutants and heavy metals may be impacting your health let me know. We can discuss what healing opportunities are at your disposal.

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