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Where Do You Fall On The Wellness Scale?

Just about everyone I encounter wants to be healthy They want boundless energy and vitality. They want to be functionally fit and able to perform all their daily activities and they wish to maintain this health well into their senior years.

Where most fall short is that they don’t know what health is, much less how to get health. They don’t understand how or where they lost health (age is just an excuse).

To get healthy, you have to be able to define it. You have to know what it looks like.

It is this reason that I use a tool called the “Wellness Scale” when working with clients.  You can click on the image to make it larger.

Wellness ScaleThe scale is from 0 to 100. The top is 100, or optimal function and 100% health. At the bottom of the scale at 0 is death, or a complete lack of health.

I would like to start at the middle, 50. This is a point of no symptoms. This is not health, it is merely a lack of any obvious sign, symptom or health complaint. This state is not as common as you would think. The reason is that most people do have some signs, symptoms and manifestations of a lack of health.

Consider a score of 40 – Low Energy and Fatigue. This describes many people. How many people do you know that are always over-sleeping. How many, including yourself have to consume chocolate, sugar or caffeine to get going in the morning or to get through the morning. Self-medicating with food that acts as a stimulant is very common.

If you are a 40, if you do nothing to change, it will become a 30 – Pain, Sickness, Run Down. You tend to get sick more often than you used to, every bug that passes by seems to grab hold of you.  You start going to the doctor more frequently. You may start or are already self-medicating with OTC (over-the-counter) medication to deal with some chronic issue or complaint.

Now it is getting really serious. 20 – Diagnosed Condition. You have a diagnosis. A name or group of words are being used to describe a particular state or degree of unhealthy or dis-ease that you are currently in. A diagnosis typically comes with a prescription or two, or more. Consider that the pharmaceutical industry will, within a few years, break the trillion-dollar mark in sales. This shows just how unhealthy this country really is and the direction it is sliding.

The only thing worse than having a diagnosable condition is having 10 – a Serious Condition that often requires surgery or may even be terminal.

If you are being honest with yourself, you will recognize that a strong majority of the population is between the 20 and 50 marks on the Wellness Scale.

This is exactly where the HealthCare industry wants you. As long as you fall within this range, the hospitals and doctors make money, the pharmaceutical industries make money, and the insurance companies make money. You will continue to spend money.

These industries make little if no money from those that are healthy.

Lets work up the scale and discover what real health is.

60 – High Energy. An abundance of energy and regenerates well after a good nights sleep. There is no need for self-medicating with stimulants such as chocolate, sugar and caffeine. For those out there that say they only drink coffee for the taste, I challenge you, for a week, to stop consuming caffeine and don’t replace it with chocolate or other sugary foods and drinks or stimulants. Drink water instead.

70 – Immune Function. A lack of getting sick. When everyone around you has the cold or allergies, you are fine. If you do get it, it has very little impact and you are over it rather quickly.

80 – Cell Rejuvenation. Cells are being replaced by strong, functional, healthy cells. In some cases cells are being replaced several times a day requiring the appropriate building blocks and environment.

90 – Cell Protection. The body has the energy and resources to actively recognize and destroy abnormal cells. It does not get much better than this.

100 – 100% Function. This is rather obvious and incredibly rare. The body is functioning optimally. While acute trauma may occur, this body will respond rapidly, efficiently and get back to optimal.

To be honest, I don’t think 100% is achievable. I say this because of chronic environmental stressors such as the 1,000 plus nuclear detonations that have taken place, nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima (still ongoing unabated), the creation of over 80,000 chemicals never before seen or recognized by the body, much less tested for safety, genetically modified foods and the geo-engineering or upper atmosphere spraying (chemtrails). Too many generations have been negatively affected. DNA has been altered by these stressors. To reverse these particular challenges our entire culture must change.

Looking at the Wellness Scale, you should be able to get a relative idea of where your current health lies. Whether you like the range or not, is a separate issue. What is important is recognizing your reality and deciding what you plan to do about it. I recently came across a quote, that I can’t recall who said it….

“You can choose to ignore reality, you cannot choose to ignore the consequences of ignoring reality!”

Something to consider is that while using signs and symptoms as a benchmark is an acceptable way to track health and function, you should realize that signs and symptoms can change daily and migrate around the body.

A more specific and accurate method to gauge health and then progress is by creating a baseline of information. What I personally use to gather this information is functional lab testing.

Functional lab testing allows me to see inside the body and understand how efficiently or inefficiently different systems are functioning. For instance, I know how well my adrenal glands are working and what impact they are having on hormone levels. I can track liver function and detoxification. I can get a glimpse of digestion and the function of my mucosal barrier and immune system.

It is the function at a cellular level that determines the function of tissue, glands, organs, systems and ultimately the overall health of the individual.

Because of functional labs and functional not diagnostic interpretations, I know how well or not well prepared my body is to defend against and resolve the complex combinations of daily stressors that surround not only myself but everyone.

More importantly, I recognize and accept that my body is performing as well as it can in the circumstances that it has been placed. The environment and my lifestyle choices are the reason why my body functions as it does. Your health is not a pre-determined destiny!

This information allows me to take advantage of healing opportunities as opposed to merely chasing symptoms. If I don’t like how I feel, I can change it based upon what I now know.

If you compare this to the typical diagnostic approach of treating a lab result the possibilities are endless. How often have you or someone you know gone to the doctor, had comprehensive blood work performed and the results come back normal yet you still feel lousy, lethargic, tired and inflamed?

It does not have to be this way. The first step is to take an honest look at where you fall on the wellness scale and recognize that to change your health, you have to change your life.

The self-care, opt-in DRESS for Health Success® Lifestyle Program that I offer is the perfect solution for those individuals and families that are properly motivated to change and confident that they can change.

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