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Cellular Malfunction…. the Root of Dis-Ease

Outside of an acute injury or trauma such as a car accident or exposure to elevated levels of radiation (Japan and everything West) the loss of health or an increase in dis-ease is typically caused by cellular malfunction and time.

Cellular malfunction will alter negatively the tissue, gland, organ or system that the cell(s) are located in. Over time, this dysfunction will manifest outward as signs, symptoms and health complaints. It will reach a state where a disease name can then be attached

A typical allopathic approach is one of symptom management or relief care from those symptoms.

I challenge you to consider an alternative. Since the symptoms are the result of decreased function and efficiency, rather than focus on suppressing the symptom(s) why not focus on improving the function and allow the body to minimize/remove the complaints naturally.

Cellular malfunction, which is at the root of dis-ease is typically caused by two factors: Malnutrition and Toxins


If your cells do not receive adequate amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, phytonutrients, water or other catalysts, cells cannot function optimally. The cells may cease to function, function at a lower level or mutate and function badly.

While this may occur in what initially appears as insignificant tissue, remember that every tissue, gland, organ and system of the body is intimately attached. In time, the entire body will be impacted by what began in one single cell.

How does malnutrition happen? There are many variables, let’s break it down into external and internal factors:

One of my farmer's grass fed cows
One of my farmer’s grass fed cows

External Factors of Malnutrition:

  • A diet high in processed foods of convenience that may or may not be calorically low but are nutritionally deficient
  • A diet of wholes foods (fruits, vegetables and animal products),  grown or raised in conflict with nature. This includes all CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) farms, all GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) products and anything grown in monoculture (a farm producing only one product such as corn or lettuce) and any farmed fish.
  • Any food raised or grown in nutrient deficient soil due to poor farming techniques including the overuse of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and monoculture.
  • Improper food preparation and food storage techniques
  • A diet inappropriate for your unique metabolism, that is, not eating right for your Metabolic Type®.

    CAFO Farming
    CAFO Farming

Internal Factors of Malnutrition:

  • Poor digestion due to a lack of HCL (hydrochloric acid in the stomach), inadequate amounts of bile from the Gall Bladder, low levels of digestive enzymes from the pancreas.
  • Poor absorption due to increased mucosal permeability (leaky gut), gut dysbiosis (imbalance in healthy gut flora – bacteria), a pathogenic infection or infestation, heavy metal toxicity, environmental pollutants and inflammation due to food sensitivities, just to name a few.
  • Poor cellular function due to toxins (see toxins below)
  • Poor elimination especially diarrhea which allows food stuff to pass through the body too quickly before it can be properly digested much less absorbed.


The world is a toxic place and it is getting worse every day. Since World War II over 80,000 new toxins, chemicals and pollutants have been introduced into the environment that have never existed before in nature.

Toxins include heavy metals, environmental pesticides, chemicals (food additives, preservatives, colorings) radioactive particles, plastics, parabens, petro-chemical products, etc.

Every cell has receptor sites. These sites are similar to the lock on the front door to your house. A specific key or catalyst is needed to unlock the door and enter the cell where it can then direct cellular function.

Imagine that your house is covered by many doors, each requiring a different key (catalyst) to enter to initiate different cellular function.

Toxins cause problems because some toxins:

  • Are able to unlock specific receptor sites and enter a cell. In this case they will cause cellular malfunction where a cell will become over- or under-active or function in a manner it was not intended.
  • Attaching to a receptor site and get stuck. (imagine a key that fits in a lock but is not the right one and then gets stuck or worse breaks off) and in this way it may prevent the cell from functioning at all regardless of what other catalysts try to gain entry.

Let’s consider most common sources of toxin exposure:

Air Pollution
Air Pollution

External Sources of Toxins:

  • Poor air quality from car exhausts, off-gassing of carpets, paints, plastics, glues and adhesives, artificial air fresheners, geo-engineering, coal-burning power plants (clean coal is an oxymoron) etc.
  • Poor water quality containing pharmaceuticals, runoff from farms and industrial plants, pathogens, fluoride, chlorine, plastics, etc. The list is huge and water should be tested regardless of source.
  • Hair and skin products are often loaded with carcinogens, parabens, lead, nano-particles, etc. Your body will absorb to varying degrees anything you put on yourself. Nano-particles are of particular concern as they are untested and of such small size that they can pass through tissue unlike any other know naturally occurring material. You can learn what is in most products by visiting the Environmental Working Group website at www.ewg.org .
  • The use of pharmaceutical and OTC (over the counter) medications.
  • Very common is mercury amalgams (tooth fillings). It is ironic that if in your teeth, mercury is considered safe by the American Dental Association. When not in the tooth it is treated as hazardous waste material.vaccine list
  • Vaccines are a huge source of toxins as they are often given to individuals with deficient or young immature detoxification pathways.
  • Poor food choices (see malnutrition above).

Internal Causes of Toxicity:

  • Poor detoxification pathways primarily revolving around a congested or diseased liver, poor kidney function and unhealthy skin.
  • Increased Mucosal Permeability (leaky gut). The mucosal barrier is designed to keep out the bad and allow entry of the good, a dysfunctional barrier often does the opposite.
  • Poor elimination, especially constipation which allows an opportunity to reabsorb back into general circulation and deposit elsewhere in the body.
  • Poor hydration allowing toxins to build up in concentration.

What can you do:

From the information above, you can choose healthier, cleaner, more nutrient dense foods that have been raised and/or grown the way nature intended.

You can reduce the use of toxic products, hair, skin, cleaning etc. The Environmental Working Group website is an excellent source to investigate your products and find alternatives.

You can use air filters in the home. At the very least you can grow specific plants that are known to naturally filter air impurities.

While a whole house water filtration system is a great investment, there are less expensive options such as the gravity fed Berkey® water filters ( www.berkeyfilters.com ) – I own two. There are chlorine shower head filters that work wonders for skin.

While decreasing external sources of malnutrition and toxins is a huge and vital step. You can also support, assist and stimulate health and body function. Easy functional lab tests can be performed to discover just how strong and capable your body’s natural defenses are, or how compromised they may be from years and decades of abuse. FDN® is able to assist this process so you can maximize results.

It does not matter what your age or current state of health. You can always make changes in lifestyle which can and will improve your health and in turn your quality of life.

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