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Fukushima: What You Are Not being Told, But Need To Know. Part 2

NUCLEAR FUTUREIn part 1 we looked at the catastrophe that is the Fukushima Nuclear power plant meltdown. Multiple reactors and the methods to “contain” them are actively spewing radiation into the air, soil and ocean. Radiation has been moving freely eastward around the northern hemisphere for almost two and a half years with no end in sight.

What can you do? While avoiding all seafood from the Pacific is a start, it is temporary as the level of exposure will continue expanding eastward. Radiation has been found in rainfall across all of North America and in the soil along the entire West coast. It is becoming a global problem that will make Chernobyl appear small.

The safest areas globally exist in the southern hemisphere. While you can pick up and move to South America, it is unrealistic for most individuals, much less families. Even then, the radiation will spread globally.

Luckily, you currently carry around your best line of defense against this radiation exposure. Your goal should be to optimize the strength and functionality of YOUR body. This is the really cool part. Your body was designed in such a manner that it is always striving for and working towards health. All your body requires and asks for is the proper support, assistance and stimulus. It will take care of the rest.

The roadblock to optimal health is that we live in a stressful world. Stress can be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, chemical and environmental in nature. In other words, Stress is anything and everything you encounter and experience on a daily basis. Too much good stress can be just as harmful as negative stress.

When your body is healthy it will take its available energy and use it to repair and grow tissue, optimize efficiency and function to build and maintain health.  Stress, especially chronic stress alters this process. Your body’s primary objective is survival. Stress is a threat to survival. The body will divert as much energy as possible to deal with that threat. As the focus shifts from building health to survival, other body processes and functions are put on hold or minimized. Over time, due to chronic stress and an extended state of “fight or flight”, tissue, glands, organs and systems start breaking down and symptoms, side-effects and complaints start manifesting outward.

Radiation is a very significant and potent stressor, not just airborne exposure but exposure through the water you drink, the precipitation that falls from the sky, the food you eat, the soil you walk on. There is no escaping it. I should not even touch upon the 80,000+ man-made chemicals that have also been added to the environment. Most of them are toxins and many are carcinogens and endocrine disrupters. It is fair to say that these “chemicals” are potent stressors and significant blocking factors to optimizing health.

Why did I add chemicals to this equation? Chemicals are toxins. Our primary means by which to minimize toxin exposure is through our detoxification pathways which include the skin, kidneys and most important the liver. While there are other elements at play these are key. Chronic exposure to toxins places a huge toll on the detoxification pathways and will by design have negative effects on the adrenal/hormone system along with the digestive and immune system. Total body function will decrease greatly elevating the risk of dis-ease. Add another layer to the problem being radiation and your body is becoming overburdened.

The key to optimal health then, is to maximize the function of Detoxification, Immune, Digestive and Adrenal/Hormone systems. To the degree that any or all of these systems are dysfunctional, there is a corresponding increase in likelihood of a dis-ease state manifesting. Japan is already experiencing an increase in Thyroid problems including cancers at a rate that is statistically significant.

Every function in your body is attached to every other function. Unlike the allopathic approach to the body which breaks it down into individual pieces and treats each piece as it is its own self-contained mechanism, the body not work this way. You must approach the body as a whole organism to have any degree of longterm success.

To accomplish this task in an efficient and effective manner requires a plan such as the DRESS for Health Success® lifestyle program:

  • Diet: Eat the right foods and stay away from the wrong foods. Everyone should be consuming real whole foods that were raised or grown the way nature intended. We should minimize all processed foods, GMO’s and sugar (in any form). Even more important is to recognize that there is no one food that is appropriate for everyone. There is also no one diet that is appropriate for everyone. Everyone though, does have an ideal diet for them consisting of foods appropriate to them. This is why I personally practice and coach Metabolic Typing®. It offers all this and more.
  • Rest: In the gym you break down muscle and tissue, when you sleep you repair, rebuild and grow. This holds true throughout the body. Optimizing sleep is mandatory if you wish to optimize health. Go without sleep for a few days and see how well you function. Improper sleep habits is a huge stressor to body function.
  • Exercise: Everyone should move, on purpose. Your body was designed to move. The key is to perform appropriate exercise. That is do not exercise beyond your body’s ability to recover. It is vital to know what exercises are best, how to perform them properly, how long to exercise and how frequently. Improper exercise is often a significant source of stress and a catalyst to poor health and function. More is not always better, train smarter!
  • Stress Reduction: Everyone knows stress is harmful to their health. The problem is that most people are unaware of the amount of stress they are under or they try to  rationalize and explain why their situation is different. All I know and see are people with health complaints and dis-eases that are not being resolved and often getting worse, despite their “best” efforts doing “everything” they can. The first step to getting healthy is to be honest with yourself. Cut the crap, stop building walls around yourself and your problems. You can’t make yourself and your health a priority until you are honest with yourself and openly view and accept your lack of perfection. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else as you do not know where they are in their journey.
  • Supplementation: I practice intelligent supplementation. All products I personally use and suggest to clients have a specific purpose. They are all designed to either supply your body with nutrients based upon your unique metabolic needs or to support specific facets of function within the adrenal/hormone, detoxification, immune and digestive systems. Something to consider is that the less healthy you are or the more stress you are under, the more nutritional support the body requires. Lastly, supplements are not meant to make up for poor lifestyle choices. Supplements are meant to support, assist and stimulate function until a point where your body can maintain proper function on its own.

In the words of Paul Chek, “If you are not assessing, you are guessing.” Only then can you take advantage of healing opportunities. What I practice and coach is the use of functional lab work. What most people are familiar with is diagnostic labs and interpretations where medication or supplementation is suggested based upon a lab result to alter future lab results. It is as if all the body’s problems will disappear if all the lab results fall within an arbitrary reference range on a piece of paper. I bet everyone who is reading this has done blood work where everything appears “normal.” Yet you still have symptoms and complaints and feel bad, in some cases very bad.

I use labs and view labs functionally. I look for and take advantage of healing opportunities within the adrenal/hormone, detoxification, immune and digestive systems. In most cases, if we follow the DRESS protocol and make course corrections as needed, function improves. As function improves, symptoms and complaints disappear. Without symptoms and complaints a diagnosis can’t be given or maintained.

In part 3 I want to introduce you to a spectacular product specifically designed to deal with the new world that is getting more toxic every day. On it own it can be a game-changer. In conjunction with the Health for Dress Success® lifestyle program it is a life-changer.

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