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Fukushima: What You Are Not Being Told, But Need To Know. Part 1

fukushima-updateThe following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Simon Atkins regarding the current state of the Fukushima Nuclear power plant disaster.

Dr. Atkins, the CEO and Founder of the Advanced Forecasting Corp., is an atmospheric scientist, doctor of planetary risk and climate economist.

“…[[A]t this current time in July of 2013, Fukushima is 80 to 100x more expansive and more intense – letting out about 100x more of the radiation of Chernobyl. The problem with Fukushima is that it’s not only continuing for 865 days… I mean, let’s wrap our minds around that for a second – it has been leaking out radiation in increasing volumes for 865 days. That’s two years, four months, 12 days to be precise – since 3/11/11. And it’s coming in the air. It’s all over the Pacific. And what we have to do is –we’ve been charting the progress of this – how it’s been affecting stillbirths – and the Canadian government let out some studies saying that it found stillbirths along the British Columbia coastline that are 800% — year over year – increased since 2011…

Hawaii is one of the states that is receiving most of the Fukushima radiation in the U.S. The other areas are the west coast of Canada… Alaska is third because the jet stream obviously functions right up into the north during the summer months — and then obviously in succession Oregon, Washington, California and then so forth further eastward, obviously. So, if the Fukushima radiation continues – God forbid – for the next five years – but that scenario is increasingly likely – the cumulative radiation in New York City will be the same in five years as it is today in Crescent City, California…

And the Obama administration, going back to Fukushima, ordered – they ordered the shutdown through the EPA — the Environmental Protection Agency — which is one of the most corrupt organizations in the US and world – because they shut down all of the west coast sensor towers for the radiation starting on April 2011. And they have not been functioning since, except for a few periods of time, and all of that information has not been shared through the free information act – which I find is just outrageous , especially when I seem to remember very clearly words from the current administration that they would be “more transparent” — which has been nothing more than a lie…

Do not – and I repeat with quite urgency – do not eat anything out of the Pacific Ocean at this time. If you are buying fish from the Seattle fish market; if you are buying tuna from a fish store in San Diego; refuse to buy it.”

The actual interview can be found at http://freedomnetwork.com/dr-simon-atkins-on-fukushima-fallout/ via BlogTalk Radio. 


Japan and Tepco (Tokyo Electric Power Company) are planning to attempt a cleanup at reactor 4 in November. The risk is huge if it does not work perfectly as planned. Even then it only deals with one reactor when there are 3 other melted reactors at the site. You can find more information at www.businessinsider.com . It is an article well worth reading.

If you are interested in learning even more, here is an article from www.globalresearch.ca that you should find enlightening. I wish, this event had not happened, but it did, and it is vital that you are informed.

I don’t want to get into why our government, the Japanese government, Tepco, mainstream media and other organizations are purposely lying to us, misleading us and down playing this catastrophe. This line of thinking will not help in the long-term. We  should be asking our “leaders” and those in charge what will be done going forward to minimize additional risks and disasters.

Something needs to be done, the problem is that scientists are working in uncharted territory and it WILL get worse before it gets better, if at all.

I want to make a few points:

  1. Everyone and everything in North America is currently being exposed to radiation from Fukushima. This exposure is spreading globally eastward through the northern hemisphere and will eventually spread through the southern hemisphere. In other words, there is no escaping the radiation.
  2. There are no safe levels of exposure to this radiation, regardless of what you have been told or think. All radiation exposure is dangerous. The greater the dose, the greater the health implications. As with heavy metals, such as mercury, exposure is cumulative over time.
  3. Exposure to this radiation will negatively alter your health. Exactly how and when depends on a few things: The amount of exposure, your current level of health and function (especially your detoxification pathways) and what proactively you are doing within your lifestyle to minimize the impact.

It is important to remember that while you are not be able to do anything specifically regarding the disaster, you do have control over how your body responds to it. You can allow the actions of others to dictate your future or you can make your own.

In part 2 I will offer suggestions that can and will minimize the health implications of this disaster.

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