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Why Metabolic Typing® has such a Profound Affect on Health Part 4

Part 4: Metabolic Typing®, Fundamental Homeostatic Controls and Your Health

So what have we learned so far?

Your body was designed to be healthy, functional, and full of energy and vitality. Optimal health and function is hard-wired into you. Everything your body does is with your health and well-being in mind.

In essence, we were designed to be perfect. Any deviation is a result of the environment and lifestyle choices made up to this point in time or through the environment, lifestyle and experiences of your parents, their parents and so on (investigate Epigenetics and realize that your gene expression is controllable).

Hundreds of thousands of chemical reactions take place every day. These chemical processes are under the control of 11 Fundamental Homeostatic Controls (FHC). A difficiency or dysfunction in any FHC will negatively impact cellular function to some degree. Over time these deficiencies and dysfunction will negatively impact tissue, glands, organs and systems ultimately manifesting outward as signs and symptoms of dis-ease.

We also have learned that two of the FHC’s, the Autonomic Nervous System and Oxidative Systems are primary and are placed higher in the hierarchy of control mechanisms. The Oxidative FHC is responsible for energy production. The Autonomic FHC is responsible for regulating the use of that energy. Both primary FHC’s can be directly affected, either positively or negatively by the food you eat.

These two primary FHC’s thus directly impact the other nine FHC’s through energy production and/or the regulating usage of that energy. In this manner every cell, tissue, gland, organ and system in your body is tied intimately to the food you eat. This then proves the saying, “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

Modern nutritional science and practically all diets to some degree discuss certain foods having specific qualities that are good for you and therefore you should eat them. The problem is that most of the science and the diets offer contradictory information. Consider the friend of yours that lost weight and gained energy on a Paleo diet that also caused another friend to gain weight, feel bloated and want to go to sleep. How can this happen?

There is a Dominance factor that everyone but Metabolic Typing® has missed. Every individual has a Dominant FHC, either the Sympathetic or the Oxidative FHC. To further complicate this, within each primary FHC lies sub categories:

  • Autonomic FHC has Sympathetic and Parasympathetic along with a mixed type or blending of the two
  • Oxidative FHC has Fast and Slow Oxidizers along with a mixed type or blending of the two

Your metabolic type will fall within one of the subcategories. Because of your unique metabolic qualities and individual sub-category dominance, any given food can have different results in two different individuals because they have different genetically based nutritional requirements.

At this point it would appear that throwing your hands up and thinking there is no hope would be the appropriate response. You would be wrong, very wrong. Why?

Metabolic Typing® is so revolutionary because it is the only program available that takes into account the FHC’s, dominance and your genetically based nutritional requirements. When you take the MT test you will discover not only what FHC is dominant for you but also what aspect of that FHC. For example, you may discover you are a Fast Oxidizer or Sympathetic Dominant.

Being a Fast Oxidizer is neither good or bad. What it does is explain why and how your body responds to nutrition. A Fast Oxidizer will respond differently to the consumption of a steak than a Slow Oxidizer or Parasympathetic for example. Through Metabolic Typing® we now know what foods will bring balance to your bio-chemstry and which foods will shift you further out of balance.

Remember your friend that thrived and lost weight eating a paleo diet while your other friend felt miserable, bloated, sluggish and slow……..Metabolic Typing® explains why this took place even though the same real whole foods were consumed by both individuals.

In a manner of speaking Metabolic Typing® takes out all the guess work. It is very liberating to recognize not just how your body responds to food but also why and most important that you have control over the process. You can, through your food choices, have an impact positive or negative on every biochemical reaction that takes place in your body.

I am not going to say that by taking a test and altering some foods your will suddenly obtain optimal health and function. I am saying that making the wrong choices will make it impossible to obtain optimal health and function.

It is this reason that Diet is considered the biggest and most important foundational support in the DRESS for Health Success® Program. You can get enough sleep, perform appropriate exercise, manage stressors and take the best supplements money can buy. If your cells are malnourished and toxic due to malfunctioning FHC’s from poor nutritional choices then everything else will not matter. Any benefit you find will be merely a band-aid and temporary.

A malnourished, toxic body has only one concern, one objective, and that is to survive. Everything else is irrelevant. Your best intentions are meaningless. Your body will sacrifice less important functions in order to survive until a point where the resulting dysfunction manifests itself as a dis-ease state and you either listen to your body and alter your nutrition and lifestyle or you don’t and the downward spiral continues ultimately ending in a manner you do not wish to experience.

Imagine a fast moving train. To change its direction, first you have to slow it down, then stop the forward progression, change direction and then slowly start picking up momentum and speed. Health is a lifestyle, health is not a choice. There is NO magic fairy dust that can be sprinkled upon you and life is all better.

What Metabolic Typing®, the DRESS for Health Success® Program including FDN® offer is a template or method to discover the imbalances, the weakness and dysfunctions that exist and are at the root of your health challenges. Once you discover the root, then you can take advantage of healing opportunities by assisting, supporting and stimulating the hard-wired programming that is crying out to be let loose and do what it does best…….create Optimal Health!

  • What will you do with optimal levels of health, function, energy and vitality?
  • What would that be worth to you?
  • What would you be willing to do to acquire it?

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