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Why Metabolic Typing® Has Such a Profound Affect on Health Part 2

Part 2: Primary vs. Secondary FHC’s

In order to build health or maintain a high level of health the body has to be able to maintain a state of homeostatic balance. To maintain such a state, the body must be able to adapt to and manage life’s diverse and varied stressors (spiritual, mental, emotional, structural / physical, biochemical and environmental). This process of adaptation requires hundreds of thousands of biochemical reactions taking place within your body on a daily basis.

In Part 1 of this series we looked at the 11 Fundamental Homeostatic Controls (FHC) that ultimately dictate how effectively these biochemical reactions occur. Of the 11 FHC’s, two (Autonomic Nervous System and Carbo-Oxidative System) have primary and specific influences on your dietary / nutritional requirements and therefore have a role of dominance. The other 9 FHC’s are considered secondary.

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is really a neuro-endocrine system as it includes the ANS plus all the organs and glands that it regulates.

The Carbo-Oxidative System (Oxidative) is concerned with how energy is produced in the cells for every action of metabolism that sustains life.

Why are these two considered Primary FHC’s? There are two reasons:

First, the Autonomic FHC is the master regulator of all conscious and involuntary aspects of the metabolism. The Oxidative FHC creates energy. One creates energy,  the other regulates and controls the energy utilization.

If the Autonomic or Oxidative FHC’s are out of balance or lose efficiency there is no hope for the secondary FHC’s to maintain their balance and efficiency.

In such cases of primary FHC imbalance, the activity of the secondary FHC’s will be spent in compensation and adaptation for the inefficiencies of the primary FHC’s. The chronic defensive mode of all the secondary FHC’s will then lead to burnout.

Even worse, the chronic defensive mechanisms themselves can become diseases of adaptation.

The second reason is food. Food itself does not directly balance or imbalance the secondary FHC’s. The food we ingest, every day, three times a day or more, directly balances or imbalances the Autonomic and Oxidative FHC’s.

Consider this for a moment and understand that this is how food can become your medicine or your poison.

Fibers from your autonomic nervous system innervate every cell in your body, all one-hundred trillion of them.

Every cell in your body is involved in oxidation or energy production. Every cell, regardless of function depends on energy for its functional efficiency. Like a domino effect, the functional efficiency of cells determines the functional efficiency of tissue, organs, glands and systems.

Food we eat pt 2

This determines whether cells live or die, or how efficiently / effectively cells perform their role and function.

It should be noted that these issues regarding tissue, organs, glands and systems function is not related directly to food quality. You can eat the best quality food and still have degenerative diseases. The potency and power of the food comes from its stimulatory or inhibitory effects on these two primary FHC’s

If you eat right for your Metabolic Type® and the supplements are synergistic with and do not oppose the effects of your Metabolic Type® diet, that is, you supply the autonomic and oxidative FHC’s what they require for optimal function then good health will ensue. Every level of physiology and biochemistry will benefit.

At the same time, the secondary FHC’s will benefit from optimal autonomic and oxidative function as they too depend upon energy production and regulation. The diet that is right for your Metabolic Type® and meets your genetically based nutritional requirements will directly balance the primary FHC’s and support the secondary FHC’s.

Can't Ignore pt 2Health is all about adaptation and stress resolution, your body responding appropriately at the right place, at the right time and with the right biochemical constituents for the given situation.

The wrong diet for your Metabolic Type® directly causes imbalance, inefficiency, maladaptations, etc., in the Autonomic and Oxidative FHC’s. In other words, the wrong diet itself becomes the causal foundational stressor by pushing a primary FHC out of balance and undermining function.

If the your body’s master regulator of metabolism (ANS) or your body’s capacity for cellular energy production (oxidative) loses functional efficiency, failed stress resolution and chronic malfunction will result. In other words, think of any chronic, degenerative disease or diagnosis and that is a result or outcome of imbalances within the Fundamental Homeostatic Control.

In part 3 I will break down the primary FHC’s and show in more detail how they affect body function and as a result your health.

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