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Why Metabolic Typing® Has Such a Profound Affect on Health! Part 1

Part 1: Fundamental Homeostatic Controls (FHC)

Health is a Lifestyle, it is Not a Choice!

You don’t just decide one day to be healthy and it happens. There is no special pill, or magic bullet, or rare food from a far off land or even magic fairy dust that can be sprinkled on top of you that will create health.

Health is a lifestyle. It is something you believe, something you live and it permeates all aspects of your life. Being healthy is your genetic potential unfolding and manifesting itself outwardly.

The best and most relevant part is that Optimal Health is built into you, built into every unique individual. Optimal Health jpg

This is something I believe and know to be true. There is no doubt, and for this reason I studied and I practice Metabolic Typing®, FDN®, and the CHEK Philosophies. Not only do they work, but they make sense.

What is unfortunate, is that we are not being taught what real health is or how to achieve it. We do not learn it in school, at home or through the allopathic symptom management system (modern healthcare).

Your heath is not merely the luck of the draw, or the roll of the dice. Deep down inside you know that being healthy is a gift that everyone should be allowed and encouraged to experience and live.

As was mentioned, optimal health is encoded into your DNA. It is a program that is running as you read this. Your body is doing everything it can right now to achieve health.

At the cornerstone of building healthy is your diet, the food that you consume. There are no cells in your body that can function properly without being nourished. This is where Metabolic Typing® comes into play. I have already written a few articles that discuss bio-chemical individuality and how we need to meet your unique and specific metabolic requirements. What I want to do in this series of articles is go below the surface and look at what separates Metabolic Typing® from every other approach to health and why it should be the priority in your health journey.

In every ancient system of medicine the primary premise was, as Hippocrates said, “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” It was understood the importance of food as related to constitution and the necessity and superiority of treating the person that had the disease before treating the disease that had the person.Food Alone Can jpg

The key to understanding how the Metabolic Typing® program can have such profound results lies within the Fundamental Homeostatic Controls (FHC). FHC’s are the regulatory systems that direct thousands of biochemical reactions that take place daily within every cell of your body.  The “homeostatic” refers to the physiological system that maintains internal stability, due to to the coordinated response of its parts to any situation or stimulus that disturbs its normal condition or function.

Think of your body as being like a large, multi-national corporation that has thousands of employees, numerous departments, a multitude of communication requirements, complex production schedules, multi-dimensional supply channels, etc., yet the innumerable activities of the corporation all fall under the direction and control of only a handful of executives. Your metabolism works in a similar fashion (metabolism refers to the sum total of all physiological and biochemical reactions that take place in your body to sustain life). The Fundamental Homeostatic Controls (FHC) are the handful of executives that are responsible for the overall function of the body.

So just what are these Fundamental Homeostatic Controls?

Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) – Communication system from the brain to the organs, glands and every cell in the body, considered the master regulator of metabolism. The ANS consists of two divisions, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic, whose opposing, yet complimentary (push / pull) interplay, results in metabolic regulation.

Carbo-Oxidative – FHC concerned with the cellular conversion of nutrients to energy, involving Glycolysis, Citric Acid (Krebs) Cycle, Beta Oxidation. Fast Oxidation vs. Slow Oxidation

Lipo-Oxidative – A FHC concerned with the balance of Catabolic / Anabolic process and regulates membrane permeability. Catabolic processes are aerobic (requiring oxygen) and are the breaking down in the body of more complex substances into simpler one. Anabolic processes are anaerobic (not requiring oxygen) and are the building up in the body into more complex substances from simpler ones. Catabolic vs. Anabolic

Steroidal-Hormone Balance – This FHC is so critical in building health as it is involved in regulating virtually every aspect of body function through Adrenal function and the regulation of the steroidal hormones. Pregnenolone,  Progesterone, Cortisol, DHEA, Testosterone and the Estrogens

Neurotransmitter – A FHC concerned with imbalances in excitatory or inhibitory Neurotransmitters. Individualized Amino Acid therapy is used to restore imbalances. Amino Acid Deficiencies vs. Amino Acid Excesses

Electrolyte / Fluid – Mineral salts in the body’s fluids that conduct electricity. The balance of electrolytes in body fluids is important to ensure that vital substances (nutrients, enzymes, toxins, hormones, etc.) are effectively transported to where they need to go. Electrolyte Excess vs. Electrolyte Deficiency

Acid / Alkaline (pH of the body) – the degree of acidity or alkalinity, which is regulated by several of the FHC. Because all biochemical processes are dependent upon a specific, narrow pH range, the acid / alkaline balance is very important in deciding the presence of health or disease. Acid vs. Alkaline

Endocrine System – Endocrine Type as per dominant energy gland, dictating body type, distribution of mass and weight accumulation. Pituitary vs. Thyroid vs. Adrenal vs. Gonad

ABO Blood Type – As a secondary FHC, blood type has more to do with what foods you should avoid than should consume. Dietary lectins, a protein substance can trigger negative immune responses. Type O vs. Type A vs. Type B vs. Type AB

Prostaglandin – Controls body responses involving inflammation, neurotransmission, hormones, immune efficiency, circulation, cholesterol production, fluid balance and platelet aggregation. Series 1 & Series 3 Prostaglandins vs. Series 2 Prostaglandins

Constitutional – Concerns constitutional qualities of foods interacting with constitutional qualities of the body.  Vata, Pitta, Kapha (from Ayurvedic medicine)

I do recognize that some of these FHC’s may be confusing. What is important to recognize is that as in nature, everything in your body is connected. You cannot impact one system without impacting every other system. The better balanced the FHC’s, the better the overall function of your entire body. The better your body functions the healthier it is. The healthier it is, the less signs and symptoms exist. Without signs and symptoms, you cannot have disease.

Part 2 in this series will focus on the dominance factor. Specifically, some FHC’s have a greater influence on the rest and are of greater priority.

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