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Our Health…A Shift In Perspective Is Needed

Have ever experienced a time in your life when you felt truly terrific, even if it were for a day, an hour or a few minutes. You know the feeling….where you are ready, willing and able to do whatever you want. You have the energy, endurance, mental focus and confidence that whatever the task or agenda you can accomplish it. You wake up in the morning, with a smile and are ready to attack the day. Understand that this state of well-being is what good health is all about. If you can feel this way for one minute, then you can feel that way for 24 hours. It is how you should feel all the time, every day, all day long.

Health Does Not IncludeHealth is dynamic, it is ever-changing. The symptoms and complaints, that so many people today live with daily, are not “normal” regardless of how common they may be. These are not signs of health as each one detracts from your sense of well-being, your life force and your ability to be healthy.

Good health is part of the genetic “program” that is located within the DNA of every cell in your body.  Every cell knows exactly what to do and how to do it. Optimal health is “built-in. Optimal health is the normal natural state of your body.

Health Complaints : Drug DeficienciesWhat has gone wrong? A belief that many have incorrect is that drugs somehow  create health. The signs, symptoms and complaints are the body’s attempts to communicate with you. To tell you that something is wrong, is out of balance, and changes in lifestyle and behavior are strongly encouraged. Drugs mask these symptoms, alter function and interfere with your natural communication process. While pain killers allow you to no longer feel the lower back pain, it does not mean that the cause of the pain has been cured or fixed. You can and most likely will continue to cause damage unless you get to and correct the root of the problem. As we continue to ignore our body’s attempts to communicate, the severity of and diversity of the symptoms increases.  At some point they manifest outwardly in such a manner that a dis-ease tag is applied to you.

Infectious vs DegenerativeWhen we look at the full scope of dis-eases over time and how we currently deal with them, we realize how out of touch we really are with building health.  Most current dis-ease is degenerative in origin, that is it takes place over time due to a loss of function. Why is this relevant? If we go back 100 years, the percentages were reversed, most disease was infectious in nature due to a general lack of clean water, hygiene and increased urban populations. The remaining medical care sought (<10%) was for acute injuries or trauma and some degenerative complaints. At this time you essentially had to deal with problems immediately or else survival was low. The result was the development of rather impressive acute care facilities and procedures. The problem today is that 90%+ of all health problems are not acute, they are degenerative yet we treat them as if they are acute.

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease / Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Immune Disorders

All these issues take time to develop, years, even decades before they manifest. We essentially do nothing during this time but mask the body language being communicated until the body screams and shouts and pushes back. Then we act all surprised and upset and wonder “how did this happen…..everything was fine and going so well”. How delusional is that? We ignore the truth until bad things occur, then we medicate, cut and burn (acute care) in hopes of “fixing” or “healing” the body.

The solution lies in prevention, being mindful of our bodies, listening to the communication that is going on every second of every day between the body and the mind. They are intertwined and can’t be separated regardless of how hard we try. The best part is that if we recognize what is chronically overtime breaking down our natural defenses and health, we can reverse it. Being healthy will take a shift in perspective, changes in lifestyle and environment. It will require us, as individuals, to take responsibility for our actions and become proactive in our health, not reactive. The real question is, “do you continue down the path you have been traveling, unhappy with the destination in front of you ….. or do you take a moment to stop, look around, check your map and make the necessary changes and head towards a new, different and more exciting destination?”

I have made my choice…..and I will never go back!

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