Metabolic Typing®

Metabolic Typing® in the Animal Kingdom

A major component of Metabolic Typing® is bio-chemical individuality. Every person has their own unique nutritional needs based upon their current state of health and genetic heritage. In other words, some people require diets higher in fat and protein and others higher in carbs and lower in fat and protein or any variation of the 3 macronutrients.

For some reason, when it comes to humans, so many believe that we all share the same biochemistry and should then benefit from the same basic diet and foods.  When it comes to the animal kingdom, what we find is that wild animals instinctively choose foods that they know are good for them. This applies within the same species, just like our ancestors did around the world.

If you look at animals that share the same biochemistry but eat radically different we can start with bears. The polar bear is almost 100% carnivore. Consuming very little plant life, there may be some sea plants thrown in, but the amount is minuscule. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Giant Panda that consumes a diet of roughly 99% bamboo. Most other bears eat a variety of both plants and animals. Why don’t all bears share the same bear diet? Through evolution and over countless generations they have had to adapt to their environment and whatever foods are most available. While their diets differ tremendously their health remains optimal as long as they continue with what they instinctively know. The challenge occurs when you remove them from their native environment, such as being placed in a zoo. How many animals needlessly died until researchers realized that they could not survive, much less procreate and thrive on anything less than their native diets

Another example are our bird friends. Birds can be herbivores, carnivorous or omnivorous. Birds such as parrots and finches are herbivores. The carnivores are typically called “birds of prey” and include falcons, eagles and hawks. Other carnivores include penguins and pelicans. Birds such as Emus and Starlings will consume both animals and plant matter.

The question I have is “If this variety of foodstuff consumed exists within bears and birds, does it not apply to you?” Is it possible that the diet you are currently consuming, even if it consists entirely of real whole foods, may be inappropriate for your unique metabolic needs and contributing to your health complaints or inability to lose weight?

This is the best part of Metabolic Typing® as it takes into account your bio-chemical individuality and actually adjusts with you as your health improves and body shifts to a more optimal level of function. There is no other diet available that changes with you over time and offers an infinite level of customization.

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