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Welcome and Let’s Get Started

I hope you find the information and services contained within this site informative, eye-opening and above all, deep down, it makes sense to you. The world we live in is a stressful place. These stressors, over time, wear us down and manifests in all the signs, symptoms, health complaints and dis-ease diagnosis that encumber us all. What you need to remember is that we were not meant to live this way. Everyone should have the health, fitness, energy and vitality to live life the way they want. Rather than looking at your health problems as problems, consider them to be teachers, opportunities to change what is wrong. Take back control of your life, your health destiny.

While the different pages of this site give an overview of the services I provide: FDN, Metabolic Typing and Functional Fitness. They are just a starting point. This blog page is the entrance to the proverbial “rabbit hole” where information flourishes and new topics lie around every turn. On the right side of this page are a list of categories. Each one will list all blog entries related to that topic. In addition you can use the search option. Over time the resources will continue to grow and expand and I invite you along for a journey down the Rabbit Hole. Let’s see where it goes together….

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